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  1. Listen. I am old. And I'm going to tell you something about life and hope that you will really incorporate it into your being. When you find anything in this world that feels like love, real love, hold on with both hands.

  2. So being held to different standards just because you are not made to biologically carry a baby. Never mind all the mental, emotional and financial contributions you've made to sustain the relationship, even in bad times? Smh

  3. My daughter has thick hair and when she was 6, got head lice several times (turns out a neighbor kid had it and the parents didn’t care so she kept passing it on to everyone on the bus.

    We ended up having soak her hair every couple of days with listerine ( the alcohol content dried out the eggs and killed them) totally fried her hair but it was that or shave her head.

  4. I don't think anyone should be talked into anything like this, but I do think people should be able to have a conversation, like you know, adults.

  5. Yeah, and I'd say the same thing if it was a man not wanting to treat his ED. Nobody is required to change their sex lives or go into a physical treatment they don't want to. Why exactly do you think anyone is owed sex? Again, if that's an issue, they should break up. He wouldn't be wrong to do so, but it's not selfish. If they have different sexual expectations, that is a bummer, but best to go separate ways. It's a very dangerous and disgusting idea to shame anyone who isn't interested in a certain type of sex, or anyone who COULD have that type of sex if they just changed themselves. That's just gross.

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