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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. It’s particularly nasty because Hunter Biden isn’t in politics. He just happens to be the current presidents kid, who used his dads name to advance himself. Something so common it has its own phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” If he were in politics I’d say it’s fair game. He’s not though. He’s just a recovering addict trying to make a life for himself. No shame in that.

  2. I really love him I know that sounds crazy but I really do.

    It was his idea to get married so fast too. He told me that he didn't want to marry anybody else and that it was silly to wait.

  3. Sounds like Bob is one of those guys who is only friends with women to eventually get in their pants. Good for you for not tolerating his garbage. Alice obviously doesn't fully believe how nasty he is, so if I were you, I would also question her inviting him to the wedding. You are close enough to be in the wedding party, why would she choose to still invite him given your past with his bs? I would not tolerate him, but I honestly would have a huge problem with standing up for someone who is disrespectful of your experience with this jerk and willing to ignore his role in breaking up your marriage . You need to talk to her about why your feelings don't matter, and depending on the answer, walk away from the whole situation.

  4. Lawyer yes. But you ultimately don’t have a say in if he’s in their life. He’s has every right to go to court and establish paternity and get visitation. I hope this all works out for you all. Not a sun situation especially if you have valid reasons for not wanting him around.

  5. If it were me i would never talk a word with my mother or that Jess again.

    In regards of your Ex: It might be better that she left you if 'talking things through' means she wouldn't tell you who fed her all those false accusations. You could have talked that through if you knew it was your mother. But your Ex obviously rather believed her than you which tells you a lot about her.

  6. Think this is the general consensus here. Why the fuck is this even a relationship.

    Yall have no No trust, cheating, physically degrading, verbal abuse and a overall lack of actual fucking respect.

    You both are gross. And jesus you are an adult OP children don't fucking spit at each other.

    You both sound horrible AF

  7. Why ask for feedback? The only thing is going to do is hurt you. Just try to learn from it and move on. Maybe you just didn't click or maybe he didn't think you were attractive or maybe just found someone else. Don't think too much about it. People have bad dates

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