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  1. Personally, this sounds exhausting. I can't imagine being in a relationship with someone who not at least shares some of my interests and hobbies. Someone who actively dislikes them – no go.

    Maybe see if there are other things she is interested in. Sci-fi novels or series, boardgames, TTRPGs, creating art,… There must be something.

    Someone with truly no hobbies sounds so unreal and boring.

  2. This scenario comes up so often and it’s always, “they owe you nothing!” Glad you pointed this out, however I’m sure most people will ignore it.

  3. When he didn't respond positively to your offer to give him a hall pass anytime he wanted, he sounds like a romantic monogamous guy who simply has some jealousy for his friends' adventures. Having jealousy doesn't mean you're driven to duplicate the adventures. The two of you could go your separate ways for a year, no contact, and then see if you want to re-establish things, but I'm guessing he's a one woman guy. I think, really, you're worried about something that isn't worth worrying about.

  4. She’s been supportive of me. Helps me to figure out the ways that I need to approach the subject with him and how to look for the red flags. I’ve honestly been lucky enough to not have anyone close to me deal with drug abuse problems until now, so I’m naive in this situation. She isn’t telling me to dump him but thinks that I should take space to let him figure his shit out and for me to figure out what I want.

    Considering I spent two months gushing about how amazing Jim is and then I’m the span of about 2 weeks it all went to shit, it’s naked to know what to do.

  5. “Within reason” is a slippery phrase. OP and his ex had different definitions of reasonable commitments to the in-laws which is why they ended it.

  6. It is not not NOT your responsibility what happens to him. You should not go back to him or you will be trapped in this abusive cycle forever.

  7. You’re right, she should be able to do whatever she wants. I don’t think I am viewing the relationship in a transactional manner though. I’m not really hung up about the specific instances, I just thought it would be helpful to give examples. I am hung up on the overall fact that the “no”’s feel more abundant on her side, and It makes me feel like things are one sided and that she doesn’t make me feel special.

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