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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Who cares? Rejection sucks. You have one life to live!. Stop thinking about what other people think about you. Go enjoy your life.

  2. This seems extreme and a stretch on what was actually posted.

    OP didn't state she was stranded.

    The mountain is not isolated, heliski etc. She was not on her own.

    She was a proficient skier he was a beginner. This was never going to be a shared experience given OP wasn't teaching him to ski.

    He had an accident, which OP tells us nothing about. Did several skiers collide and collectively taken to hospital for example.

    All very well with hindsight, post medical care, “just a broken thumb” but no one knew that on the mountain and how they handled that accident we know nothing of and these would be question for OP to ask.

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  4. I’m going to skim past the history of grooming because I know everyone else will cover that well. I’m going to focus on the age gap being a glaring issue for your “shared dream” of having kids in 5-6 years.

    In 5 years you will be 25, not an unreasonable time to become a parent. He will be 45. When that child graduates high school he will be 63. What happens if you have trouble conceiving (he’s past his prime in that regard) and you don’t have your first until you’re 28? Do you want to have multiple children? How old will he be when the last one graduates high school? 70?

    Because you’re talking about creating a shared future, one that involves bringing more humans into the mix, it’s worth considering how this 20 year gap could look down the line.

  5. Why do you continue to be in a relationship with someone who not only cheated once, but cheated multiple times? And, to top that off, is continuing his dodgy behavior.

    I'm bi, so I understand that once you hit 30, you're approaching your shelf-life in terms of marketability as a gay man. It's a twisted reality in such a youth-obsessed subculture, but it's reality nonetheless. Dating will not get any easier. Do you want to waste any more years of your best years with this guy?

    Cut it off dude. Find someone who will respect you. You'll thank yourself later.

  6. The key is radical honesty. I love you. I enjoy the band’s music. Unfortunately my anxiety overwhelms me and I can’t enjoy the music combined with the crowds anymore.

    Suggestion smaller venues? My daughter has to wear beats noise canceling headphones to concerts.

    We just got the chance for excellent seats for the foo fighters. We saw them 10 years ago. But we turned them down due to the crowds and anxiety. Right now especially people are experiencing more anxiety with crowds. Just letting you know your not alone.

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