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Date: October 2, 2022

9 thoughts on “Sienna Divyne live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Yes, plenty of women one actually would want to have relationship with aren't particularly comfortable with their partner being a town hoe, the fact he's a man doesn't make it any better.

    That aside what should be more of a concern is quality of the people one engaged with not their quantity. It often goes hand in hand but not always.

  2. At a minimum she’s being incredibly immature and disrespectful of you and your relationship. “Joking” about sleeping with the right person if given the chance isn’t funny, and certainly wouldn’t be funny to her if you said it.

    When it comes to the flashing, you are absolutely within your right to have boundaries and behavior that is unacceptable to you and what you’ll put up with in a relationship. As is she – I’m sure there’s things she’d be uncomfortable about you doing.

    Bottom line is, is this a big enough deal for you to be able to get past? Like you said, she’s going to do it, so you’ll either need to be able to a) get past it or b) end the relationship. Other than that, it’ll continue to hang over and linger as an issue moving forward.

    Talking to her about it, just calmly say that it’s disrespectful to you and your relationship, that you don’t feel comfortable with the flashing or how she throws in your face she would cheat if given the opportunity. Remind her that she wouldn’t like it if the situation were reversed. Tell her that you didn’t think she was that kind of girl and a girl that does that and talks like that isn’t someone who you think is right for you to be in a committed relationship with. She’ll either change her behavior or you can find someone who you don’t have to do this with. You’re 18, you have forever.

  3. I'm mixed on this because if you guys don't have a lot of money then you need to conserve your money.

    but on an older car not only are they likely to break down leaving you stranded but you don't KNOW that the air bags will work and new cars ARE generally safer.

    I drive older cars and have been in accidents where air bags should have deployed and they didn't even though there were no signs that something was wrong with them.

    So, I'm kind of with your GF on this. IF you are selling to get a newer car then get a newer car.

    The hobby stuff has to wait until you can afford it and have the time to deal with it after the kid is older.

    but that doesn't mean you should spend yourself into debt to have the latest and greatest of everything.

    Pick your battles.

  4. Throw the condoms out! There is no need for them to be there if he isn't using them with you. He should not notice/ care unless he's doing something he shouldn't.

  5. She is working with EAP right now to get a therapist. She is a huge proponent of therapy but she last two therapists retired in quick succession. I want to give her that time to take what we talk about and how she feels about that, back to a therapist to process. And also to just work on it overall cause I’m sure it comes up with non partners too.

  6. You have to realize thatbsexual attraction is something natural and part of our biology. Looks like your ideal man is just that an ideal, of course all people can find attractive other people, probably even you have found handsome other guys beyond your bf.

    The difference is what you do with that sexual attraction, you just don't pay it attention as when you look a delicious food but just don't eat it for any reason you want or just fantasy about it all day.

    I have been married for 10 years and find a lot if women attractive sexually or even mentally, but is just something that calls my attention and I just let it go and continue with my life.

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