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Date: September 25, 2022

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  2. I miss what we used to be and being his world, but I feel like I've been slowly replaced.

    You have got to be kidding me. What did you expect? You fucked around (literally) and found out.

  3. Thankyou for your comment and story, how did you go about leaving a 3 year long relationship, I cannot deal with the heartache I feel I am giving my girlfriend if I leave her, the thought of her crying is what has stopped me in the past

  4. And if you go find some guys to, not think of them as people with feeling who might not like being turned into a sample platter before returning to your marriage, will he be okay with that?

    Ma'am, you don't have to accept this bullshit. Experience is gained even in a monogamous relationship. He's not asking for a break to go get more experience. He's asking for a break so he can go use some people to fluff up his insecurities. Why are you not bothered by the realization that you married someone who is not put off by the knowledge he'd be making you to feel – “the idea of him with other people is killing me”?

    He's already gone.

  5. Nothing happened in his life. He’s always been thin and fit.

    He just has this idea that there is bad food and good food, and he wants me to pass this message onto our kids.

  6. Oh please, she’s not an innocent little victim. She’s a grown woman who did not discuss her boundaries when there were ample opportunities to do so with all the information he has told her throughout the years. She wasn’t duped and she can’t be that naive. He did FETISH porn and they even watched some of his videos together.

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