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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and supportive reply. I think I am afraid of the conversation, but it needs to happen.

  2. I think you might need to take a step back to look at the dynamic because it seems as though he is lacking the communication. You stated you had communicated these things with him just by simply what you put in your post. He sounds as if he is not only selfish, but somewhat childish. There is probably some sort of personal issue inside of him that needs to be resolved in order to figure out why he is this way about these things. He might already know what it is. Whether it’s a serious issue or not, it still gives no right to treat you with disrespect.

  3. It was his meaning behind it…he wasn’t saying it positively so even if I take it that way, which I do, it still implies that he has an issue with me being confident enough to call him out and he is using my confidence against me to say he felt threatened…it’s major bullshit…

  4. To me it sounds like she needs therapy before she is ready for a serious relationship. These are all signs of someone who has chronic mental illness stemming from trauma. For some people in these situations therapy can take years or longer. You love her, but for someone with unhealed issues like this, romantic relationships actually enable their mental illness.

    I’m sorry because it’s a difficult position for you to be in. You aren’t responsible for her mental health, but you love her so of course you care. Ultimately it will take her finding a way to self reflect and admit the extent of her issues before she can get help and get better. It’s up to you whether you stay with her or let her go, but speaking from experience this kind of situation is detrimental to your long term mental health.

  5. Have you considered professional help? I don't think there's anything random people on a social media site can do to help with this, but maybe a therapist would be able to assist?

  6. Nope. Dude literally showed empathy for her. Man cries. Woman loses all respect for him. It’s a tale as old as time.

  7. Age is in fact a number. You know what else it is? The literal amount of years old someone is.

    There's no logical reason for a 26 year old to be with an 18 year old. You're in different life stages. It's been a few weeks. It's new and exciting. But like anything else, you've learned that you're incompatible. Hold firm.

  8. I can see that. But. Hit me up if you are ever free doesn’t seem very interested. That’s my take.

  9. “The thing that gets me the most is this guy had absolutely nothing going for him:

    It sounds like “water seeking it's own level.”

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