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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. If it was me, is try to slow it down a bit and breathe. Maybe don't focus on him so much. It's only been a month and I wouldn't worry too much about him not saying he loves you yet. There can be so many reasons for that honestly. Maybe just talk to him about this? Someone who is a good match for you will be able to talk about your feelings 🙂

  2. She just broke up with someone and he's moving in. You should hire a private investigator (or get a friend to go to the same place he's meeting his woman) to check up on what he's doing with her before you have more conversations with him. He's lying to you, and you need to know exactly what's happening.

  3. I doubt your dad has some handy stranger in his back pocket to send over. The correct response would have been asking him how your mother and stepdad could be considered strangers. He’s jealous that you’ve chosen to have your mom visit, but not him. Was he even available for Christmas? Has he ever visited? Is he an asshole all the time? It’s time to put your big girl pants on and prepare to pay your own way if he’s going to pull his $$$. If that happens and you cower under his threats you’re going to be cowering for a loooooong time

  4. Monkey branch. It's easy for her to find people to sleep with, but it'll be easier for you to find an actual long term partner. A good chunk of men just want sex, and the ones that want relationships aren't going to be enthusiastic about sharing their partner unless they're previously poly. You'll get less overall interest, but the people in the pool you DO have are going to be more open to starting something, especially if you're open to leaving your girlfriend for them.

  5. Ok well this makes a lot of sense.

    That’s what I would tell him. Tell him you only have sex in committed relationships, but you’ve felt like you were being lead on in the past, and you just want to wait a little longer to see where this goes.

    I don’t know what culture you’re from, but I would think if he has the intentions you’re looking for, he would be cool waiting.

  6. You can’t compromise on kids. And as the woman in this partnership I would deeply warn against having them. One, he’s already punishing you. Two, biologically you will carry the greater burden for two years for what he wants. Three, I can almost guarantee you will carry the greater load of parenting. You will do the apts pick up from school, you’ll care for them when they’re sick, disciplining, and just general parenting. He’ll swoop in with the kids he begged/demanded to have for a Kodak moment. There are enough women out there that want kids there’s no reason for you to sacrifice for it. I’m always suspicious of men who bully their reluctant partners into motherhood. It feel like an attempt to trap/lock down.

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