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Date: October 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “HikarySuzu online sex cams for YOU!

  1. it came out that I was sexually abused most of my childhood, at first he called it a lie, but then got angrier at me claiming to be a virgin when I technically wasn't.

    What do you mean you don't know what to do?! Dump his pathetic ass asap!!

    He's victim blaming here. like you had a choice in all this. Wtf girl.. he's not worth your time and energy.

  2. So, he wants to put your newly started self employed career at risk and is calling you names for not jeopardizing yourself? wow.

    Not really much left to be said here, that's just not okay and doesn't sound like a husband I'd want for myself or anyone else.

  3. Honey, you’ve gotten lots of good advice here but I just want to add that because you’ve been in an abusive relationship before, you’re more likely to be in one again. How was your family life? Did your parents nurture and support you or did you ever have to walk on eggshells and behave so that their emotions would be stable? (I ask because that was my situation). It is abuse. It will get worse. Please leave but be careful when you’re leaving because the behavior could very well escalate then. Go somewhere safe. But for the future, please keep in mind that you’ll naturally seek out what is familiar and this is familiar now. That doesn’t make it good. Is therapy an affordable option for you? You didn’t do anything wrong and a good partner will not scream at you for suggesting how glass should be thrown out. You deserve better.

  4. Really? You aren’t compatible. These aren’t issues. They are major differences in what you each want out of life. Break up. Do not let his miserable self who hates his life and can’t afford rent to move in. Read this back and pretend a stranger wrote it. The answer is obvious.

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