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  1. to me she seems can't be trusted. She's dating another guy and she still has feelings for you. Then if you two back together, will she do the same to you? Will she still has feelings for this “other guy” if you got back together?

  2. Instead of talking in circles, tell her you don't trust her, and that if she wants any sort of future contact, she has to take the test.

    Tell her it IS conditional, and you're not going to talk in circles anymore.

    Then hang up.

  3. That person is out there but you can’t make someone be that person for you. I’d honestly advise some therapy I obviously don’t know your history or if anything led to you feeling like this but it might be helpful. Surround yourself with family and friends and maybe vent to them. Sometimes you need someone to be harsh to you for you to get a bit of a reality check. I’ve realised I’ve needed that although I’ve not liked it at the time. Sometimes we can’t always see our situation and need to be told. I hope you Find the strength to put yourself first op you got this!

  4. For me, if that trust is broken then we have nothing in common. That constant bad feeling you have with her will eat you alive. I would just move on from her.

  5. I hope you eventually focus on moving towards having your own cooking business or at least towards that field. It’s obviously a passion for you and would be a way for you to naturally receive compliments and feedback.

    Your boyfriend seems to have an issue with your need for validation than your cooking. It’s worthy of a deeper conversation. Best wishes!

  6. Yeah, thats fucked up bro. You should drag along ppl like that. Do you know how muxh damage are you gonna cause her 3yrs from now when you finally have your life in order and ready to meet someone new. Its fucked up.

  7. The problem is because, both me and him, come from cultures where it’s look bad upon women who have had many parters. It’s not like in Western Europe and the US where it’s acceptable. So, yes, I’m afraid ?

  8. largely because men are ridiculed for not working and raising children.

    You keep saying this and yet it is not something I've run into outside of fundamentalist churches with extremely rigid views of gender roles.

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