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Date: October 10, 2022

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  1. If your parents disown your sister perhaps it’s time you go no contact with them. Give you sister time. Although you didn’t mean to put her GF you did and your sister was right not to tell you. It isn’t hers to tell and you should understand that. She’s now dealing with a lot of fallout and it may take time for her anger to subside. Although you didn’t do it on purpose you still did it.

  2. Your main concern is your child’s safety. Please first go to the hospital and report him. They Weill help you and your baby

  3. Planking challenges and yes some push up when shit faced. Haha yeah been there. I even chafed the side of my face.

    If you want to know for sure, are her arms sore the day or two after? If she doesn't do it regularly, they would be sore.

  4. Thank you, because of a lot of his fear seems to be rooted from his past I can understand why he holds the fear, but it definitely is a problem when it comes to me being his partner. He’s had therapy in the past for different reasons and is pretty against doing it again when I mention it — but it might be worth a shot since my words alone don’t seem to help in a way he needs.

  5. Wow. Who'd have thought that a man who married someone 14 years his junior would start creeping on an even younger woman after rating her a 10/10? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. 🙄

    Your husband is a pig. File for divorce.

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