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  1. Yeah I think you’re right. It’s just one of those things about coming across weak as a guy. She has also said things along the lines of “ugh I get why she’s upset but like get over it already, don’t cry about it” to me (in confidence) about her other friends. Don’t want it to be one of those either where she either thinks that or says it to one of her other friends.

  2. Sometimes everyone needs personal time. Don’t take it personal. But still expect to spend time with your man and give me his own space at the same time. You should spend time with your friends without him too. It’s normal for men to have “guy time”, and women to have “girl time”. Don’t look too far into it. Everyone needs personal space ever so often.

  3. She seems crazy man. Part of me says stand your ground but the other part says bite the bullet. If you really love this girl, just apologize (you don’t have to mean it). I can tell you first hand that if the mother doesn’t like you, she will slowly chip away at your relationship.

    My ex’s mom kept calling her gabby after the Petito murder. (Just fucked up). She knew I was a British citizen and said she hoped I got deported. I don’t know where all this came from but it took her from me slowly. And it hurt.

    Sorry I’m not much help. Good luck!

  4. That the guy could commit anti Asian hate crime, be a bad rapper, and then a pretty respected actor without you understanding how that relates to your statement is exactly what I'm talking about.

    It happens. Some people hate Asians for being Asian.

  5. I would move on. Let this one go. This relationship seems like a lot of drama, and you have some sort of vague promise of a future together at an unknown time. That's not commitment. That's him saying he's looking for other women but will reach out if he gets bored.

  6. You have a great handle on your thoughts/feelings. Your boyfriend is a lucky guy! If he doesn’t support you, then I promise there’s someone out there that will!

  7. You guys just don’t sound compatible. You aren’t wrong for that, it’s not anyone’s fault. You just don’t sound like your needs match hers.

    Spend money on a counselor if you need the validation, but honestly it sounds like things would be better if you just moved on.

  8. This was really enlightening. Thank you for taking the time to write it up, I plan on going through these comments with my wife so we can see all perspectives.

  9. It's not for “friendship”. He wants to have sex with you. Plain and simple. So if you don't want to be a part of that you have to shut him down and in no uncertain manner.

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