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  1. Could I have just walked out of the restaurant? Why would he want to do this to me? I literally did nothing to him

  2. Leaving her is definietely a safer choice.

    If however you decide to give her another chance you should ask for free access to her media/communicators (passwords) and for her to not delete anything or have secret accounts hidden from you.

    Obviously she needs to block all those men and delete all dating aps. More to this establish policy of honesty so that you do not hide things or lie to each other.

    Finally, she needs to go therapy. Assuming it is something eithin her that is pushing her to do things she knows she shouldn't do, she needs proffesional help. Without it soon enough you will catch her breaching your agreements.

  3. sigh I will do that if she allows me, if she does not plan on forcing the issue I will not force her to but just help her prepare for if she wants to, as you are so uncouthly aware this is not my relationship. And to the manipulating part despite knowing his behavior and her confiding me her situation I haven't tried to give her advice on anything she should know or do till this week when this started months ago because she didn't ask me for help, I wasn't going to stick my nose where it was unwanted. Of course there's a limit, I care about her and if he goes too far yeah I'd confront him (probably try to get her blessing first if possible) but I'm not even sure where that limit is so I'm just going to educate myself and support her

  4. Look. She’s just not into you.

    Leave her alone and find someone who makes you feel good and wants to spend time with you.

  5. They violated your trust. If it were true love, they would not have hidden it. He would’ve come to you and explained how he felt. At that point, he’d have to make a choice and so would you. Your family sounds toxic af for condoning such behavior.

  6. It's very obvious from this that he's either already cheated on you or will at some point. If you care about that, you should leave him.

  7. Who she sleeps with or if she’s sleeping with anyone at all is none of your business. None. Not for any reas

  8. It's a shame she didn't just end the relationship the first time you demanded she become a vegetarian in order to fulfill your requirements for a partner. I would have.

    But, in any case, she finally got there and ended the relationship. Smart woman.

    In the future, you need to date ONLY women who are vegetarian or vegan. That way, this will never again be an issue.

  9. She came back because of the vacation, do yourself a favor, dump her, and focus on yourself.

  10. You feel so awful for your betrayal of your husband that you're…. still having an affair.


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