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  1. Like you just said ” she loved you and wanted to have kids with you” And when those things started happening for her you didn't want it. So she pushed u away. Then after the abortion her life completely changed. The trauma of that sometimes never goes away. If you really love her and want to be with her act like it. Tell her how you feel.

  2. I mean you follow the daughter on instagram, right? So I assume you met her daughter and the daughter knows about you? If not, then it’s very likely that you are the other man.

  3. He doesn’t enjoy sex with u, how much clearer can he make it. If this was the other way round, we’d be calling him a monster. At a certain point, sex with a wife just isn’t interesting anymore and yes as u said it’s just too much pressure to “deliver the goods” with no upside. I know it’s not nice to hear but this is the reality of many marriages, thousands of posts on here like this one

  4. Didn’t read your first post but I think it’s really silly of you to martyr yourself. You have to realise you did sacrifice something – the years you spent together, the years you would have spent together; a future that the two of you would have built with each other. Maybe this sacrifice isn’t necessarily voluntary because none of your own actions played a part in the breakdown of your marriage — the blame lies wholly on her — but you still lost out as a result of her actions.

    You demand compensation for your time, emotions and trust.

  5. I’m with you. These folks that don’t have an honesty-first policy are the sand ones who find themselves in this sort of situation and let themselves “off the hook” on technicalities they themselves determine.

  6. “____ you are being dramatic right now” and I just hung up right away.

    Good girl!

    Now break up

    He isn't emotionally mature enough for you

  7. Do you want to dump him now or wait til he cheats on you. Because he is going to cheat on you. He might tell you immediately or he might just act like a jerk to you til it finally comes out. Save yourself the trouble.

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