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  1. Once a cheater always a cheater…. Trust is gone and you’d never ever be able to trust here wholeheartedly like you did before…Best for you to move on ?

  2. This was a conversation to have 3 years ago.

    I think now it's 0 tolerance policy. You get off first or you stop the session. He can visit a sex therapist if needed. But you are not first a hole. You're a human with your own desires and needs. If he can't see that or doesn't care, than you need to figure something out

  3. Honestly, just tell him. I think this isn’t going to be nearly as big a deal to him as you think it is, and even if it was a big deal, it would become an even bigger one if he found out another way.

  4. First and foremost. They are not excuses. They are valid reasons on why he doesn't want to have sex. Remember he doesn't owe you anything, including this.

    You're not asking what you should be asking. Instead you're asking him if he's still attracted, when instead you should be asking if he's stressed, doing well or if his libido is just low in general. That will get you answers you can actually do something with.

    Don't call them excuses.. As they're not.. That's doing exactly what most women want men to stop doing when they complain about headache or tiredness. Men are also allowed to say no to sex, ALWAYS.

    Talk to him, differently this time without judging and actually ask about him, not about sex.. Ask about him

  5. 23 is oddly precise, lol. Nevertheless, I'd offhand agree that he's ballpark-correct. Women's looks tend to peak about then, and stay AT peak for quite a bit.

    Looks aren't unimportant, but what makes many guys fall crazy in love is …..a whole lot more complicated, and THAT tangle can tend to get better with woman's maturity and wisdom.

  6. It's up to you… there is nothing morally wrong with it but you should make sure you're comfortable with it.

    This is sex work aka prostitution. He is choosing the guys so you will have no choice! You're basically taking money to have unconsensual sex – unconsensual because you wouldn't have chosen those guys otherwise!

    If you do it, you need to be safe. Tell a friend when you meet up with someone, share your location

  7. Just tell him.

    “(Boyfriend), I realize you have a past. I accept that. I can’t force you to change your behavior and I won’t try. I just want you to know that when you like pictures of other girls or your exes, it makes me feel a little insecure. I know that is my issue to deal with, but I hope that by telling you how it makes me feel, you will take the time to consider my feelings, and how it might make me look to outsiders that my boyfriend is liking other girl’s socials.”

    If he is as mature as you say, he will probably apologize and alter his behavior for you. If he decides to continue and hide it from you, he will be telling you who he really is.

  8. Maybe, but whether or not that's the case, you know he did this, pulled away, lied about it for a long time and expects you to rug sweep it. What are you gonna do?

  9. My best guess is that they fell out after your fiance found out your best friend is in love with you. Your fiancé's made a gentleman's agreement to not to expose that fact.

    Its like the “My overkill” episode of scrubs

  10. OP, do not ever listen to anyone who tells you to do life changing things without your partner's consent or you will lose that partner and be branded the crazy that people warn others to stay away from.

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