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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. My husband pees outside on the compost heap sometimes. He says it keeps wildlife away. I think he just likes peeing outside.

  2. Hello /u/cerise083,

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  3. You both should listen to each other’s opinions, feelings and needs, but that means when in conflict, each person’s feelings should be treated as just as important, not more than, not less than, but just as important. So one side shares their perspective, receives validation, then the other side shares and gets the same. After that, solutions that work for both are explored and then implemented. You want a partner and want to be a partner that looks for win/win solutions, not one who looks to win at the others expense.

    You know, there are days when you come home from work and all you want is silently sit on the couch looking to a blank wall for a while or play a game or two to relax a bit. Yet she expects me to come home all smiled up

    This just sounds like you’re an introvert and she’s an extrovert, her again it’s about finding solutions and compromises you both can live! with, not one person being right the other wrong.

    She always finds a scapegoat (in my eyes).

    That one’s more problematic. Sometimes though people are raised to communicate frustration via blame, so maybe ask her instead of blaming, to say she’s frustrated and ask for help. If she’s willing to work on that, and you’re willing to validate and empathize with her frustration that habit can change. But if she’s always blaming others, sooner or later that habit will be used against you and that’s a huge red flag and not someone you want in your life.

  4. OP go meet with your son without Max or your daughter. Be prepared to answer questions and to give your son a an apology. You put Max first in moments of your sons life. Honestly, all you can do is go and be prepared for whatever your son needs to ask you or talk to you about. It’s either going to go in your favor or it’s not. If you want to relationship with your son go. If you don’t then stay home. This might be the only time you get the chance to open that door again. Or at least get the closure.

    I do think you’re a really terrible mom to your son. You decided to sleep with your sons best friend growing up. And start a relationship with affectively a child. Because anyone who is 39 does not need to be messing around with an 18 year old. It is a simple as that.

  5. FOR REAL. Like this these people not read what they write?? How do you type all this out and STILL not see the flags. I’m so tired of it because I know at least 80% of it is fake but oh my good it’s tiring to see.

  6. I think the biggest thing here, if you plan to date someone in their early twenties, is that you need to be prepared for them to change, potentially a lot. I personally am in a relationship with an age gap of 20 years (I'm 30sF, he's 50sM) and I know he's my person, so I'm never going to be outright opposed to an age gap. We've been together for six years. That said, I think it is very different for people in their early twenties, simply because change is quite dramatic between 20 and 30, possibly more so than any change you'll experience later in life. I think you're right to be a little wary.

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