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Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. I can sence she is attracted to me somehow, but it is really diffucult to concretise such stuff in the current situation. For both of us

  2. There are lots of 19 year old dudes who don't have a girlfriend and aren't getting laid and they manage (because they have to). As you said, horniness won't kill him. Maybe he needs to play more sports or find something more vigorous to do to help wear him out.

  3. Fair point, especially the last one. Given the broader picture (I'd like to move to another city, buy a house, build a future together, he doesn't and want to keep party'ing), I think he does not want to commit as I would like to do. He's not ready for that (if he will ever be).

    Given that, if I'd have known this from the beginning I wouldn't started it, I don't think it will be very succesful and the relationship we have would not feel safe anymore for me. Really thinking of ending it, although it will be messy since we are living together.

  4. No, I don’t need a book to tell me that. I know that

    Me asking her was a spur of the moment lapse in judgment. I don’t want to make these lapses in judgment again because I don’t want to hurt others.

    Really I’m more looking for counseling, therapy, or anything that I can read that would help me with not making these lapses in judgment.

  5. The police probably wouldn't even care about it,.tbh

    Famous people got their nudes leaked and nothing really happened, imagine what happens when a no one have their pictures stolen.

  6. Get out while you can, otherwise tell her what she said and flat out tell her with no exceptions a prenuptial or its over. Honestly dont be surprised if she purposelygets pregnant.

  7. Consider your relationship over or at best your husband won't trust you if he finds out about it. That's how serious this is… you now know what kind of person your BIL is… your husband deserves to know.

  8. The mature thing to do is to end things up. Believe someone who didn’t 10 years ago and is now in a very conflicted divorce after years of manipulation and emotional abuse. He is angry at you that people know how he behaved. If he was sorry, he would be angry at himself. He is not sorry that he treated you badly. He is sorry that people know. Let that sink in.

  9. it’s a cop out big time. she’s way too old for this. i’m about her age, severely ADHD and with the adderall shortage have recently been only taking half my regular medication dose.

    i own a company with my husband where i do all the bookkeeping and administrative work. i take care of our 4 cats, all of the laundry/housework, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. ADHD can make this overwhelmingly hot at times but it’s no excuse to just do nothing. she’s still an adult and needs to act like one instead of treating her partner like her parent.

    you’re supposed to be her teammate, she’s made you into her caregiver.

  10. I don’t understand why you haven’t just simply told to the truth to people. He cheated, we broke up. Why are you protecting this POS. Tell the truth, block delete and definitely move on.

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