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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. I’ve definitely talked about how I feel about it with him. He swears up and down he’s not lying or hiding anything, yet doesn’t even let me touch his phone to scroll thru his emails to see if he’s having any porn accounts (he previously was addicted to porn). He use to have thousands of photos of porn in a folder on his desk and called them “trophies”.

  2. I'd have a heart to heart with your boss about it and lean toward the compromise that isn't as good for your career but saves the relationship.

    But only if you're really sure about this relationship.

  3. As things are currently, I can't take another year, even 3 to 4 months is too much. I don't argue with him anymore. I used to sit and over explain myself so that nothing was misunderstood, but I'm quickly losing my grip on caring what he believes. I'm sure he's lied to many people about our relationship already. The same way he accuses me of doing the things that he's doing. He thinks I'm seeking out revenge on his anytime I'm being a “bitch” in his book, but it's like he refuses to see his own actions. We had a fairly nice talk today. He even called himself out on a few things, but he does this and then flips back to the other side later on. Just feels like a game I never wanted to play.

  4. Actually HE has. Yes she was part of it but she wasn’t the on in a relationship nor did she seek him out. I’ve been cheated on, I get the anger in that way. But he’s the POS here.

  5. If you stay in this relationship it will end up doing serious damage to your relationship with your sister as you will recent her, even though it ain't her fault.

  6. True, but at the end of the day, are people really surprised when this happens? This seems to be an extremely common theme among any open relationship I’ve seen.

  7. Well that is a pretty conservative take so I think the issue is less about introversion and extraversion and more about how you and the other people define the realms of sexuality and the like. I am sure there are plenty of people that are outgoing and fun that would not dress in a revealing manner and thus not set off that anxiety in you.

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