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Date: October 1, 2022

14 thoughts on “Tiana-saenz online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Your wife is ridiculous. She wants you to sit home like a good little back-up option while she fucks other people to decide if she wants to trade up. File for divorce, leave her, go home. She is not committed to this relationship, she doesn't respect you and she's selfish and cruel.

  2. Just pretend the woman your talking to is a guy and that you're getting to know them as a potential friend.

  3. I feel you need a therapist at this stage. If your kink is all you can think about and all that will get you off, it has changed into a full paraphilia, which definitely needs discussing. You also seem to get rid off all rational thinking when horny and really lack in self reflection.

    A kink not working out in real life, is perfectly normal. I have kinks that I love in my head, but just don’t work for me for a wide variety of reasons in real life. The difference is, that I learn that it doesn’t work in real life or is detrimental to my relationship and put it back into the spank-bank. It’s just one of those things. But while you realise that emotionally you can’t handle your gf being with someone else, you keep pushing and pushing it, only to freak out at the result over and over.

    You also need to consider your relationship structure, because honestly, wanting your girlfriend to sleep with other guys, but not get emotionally attached and always treat you ask king, is a big ask for everyone involved. You are edging into ethical non-monogamy, but while insisting on everyone other than you being secondary. That’s not going to result in healthy dynamics. You need something that is long term sustainable and also fair to everyone who isn’t you in this arrangement.

  4. we would hold hands cuddle and have sex but there wasn’t a label on it

    Well there is a label, it's called fucking your best friend's ex. You say you didn't really know her and then got closer before fucking. So it sounds like you swooped in after your best mate's ex who you didn't even know. Is that correct?

    Although I'm confused, you say you online with your best mate of five years, a guy, but say you're living the dream of fucking your roommate (his ex). Is something mistyped here or have I misread this?

  5. You gotta just stop texting him and block him. It's not like this is someone you work with you cant avoid seeing and crushing over. This is a literal stranger you met at the bank. Stop texting him and block him immediately!

  6. I actually speak a ton about the good stuff. I have had friends comment about how they think it’s weird how I never talk about the bad stuff. The only exception was a select few friends who I spoke to about our bad period. This is not all of my friends by any means. I think maybe 5? Plus my mom. Other than that I didn’t speak about it.

  7. Men just don't get that women need to have financial security which means a stash of money that no one can touch but them.

    After 15+ years my husband just figured out that he could see the joint savings account but could not touch it. Only I could deposit and withdraw.

  8. Why is this okay when you’re home but not when you’re out?

    Why do you care more about what people think than how he makes you feel?

    This isn’t just picking on, this is bullying in a way. He’s trying to bring you down a peg and make you feel bad about yourself.

    Does he have adhd or any other conditions like autism? That would explain only half listening and feeling a strong desire to jump into conversation and correct people. This is the only way I could see it being out of negligence instead of malice

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