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Date: September 26, 2022

18 thoughts on “Sarahpeterson live sex chats for YOU!

  1. This is a good and kind response but it also kind of leaves her in the same place you were, which is that she doesn’t know what you want. If I were you I would also say (either now in an additional text or immediately when you talk again) that “If you are willing, though, I do want to try. I do want to be with you.”

    One of you needs to take more of a decisive leap or this might just slowly end because you’re both waiting for the other person to make a decision. Be the one who decides.

  2. This is so difficult and I feel for you. I can't speak for the “perfect recipe”, but from my end, I needed a mix of three types of time (if that makes sense).

    Time alone to really feel and absorb what is happening. This is painful time. But I think without that, you just distract and never come to terms with it.

    Active time, where I'm by myself, but not in my thoughts. That would be work, sports activities, etc. Things where it's you pushing yourself, not lost in thoughts, where you see how strong/independent you are and can be.

    Social time, where I spent time with friends/family. Your support system is so incredibly important when going through such an event. Both to distract you, but also to remind you that people care about you. As an FYI, you may find you are surprised by the people who are there for you. They may not be the people you thought would be there.

    Honestly, it's not easy. And some people just distract by staying active, being social and partying. I think it's best to give yourself time alone with your feelings, to grieve. Please remember that you're making the right choice and that after all this pain comes a much better phase in your life where you'll be with someone who is better for you. But you can't do that if you haven't moved on and healed.

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  4. This, and clickbait videos where young college age women are “””randomly””” stopped and asked what size is good etc. It's fake. They're scripted to say “minimum 7 inch” cos the comment outrage will generate crazy income. They'll be some people that want that, sure, but I've never heard any of my extended friendship group say any requirement like that.

    I like your direct phrasing. Painful sex sucks and it's good to express that directly.

  5. Enroll him in an etiquette class and “tell” him to learn something or stick to the neighborhood pizza parlor.

  6. the real issue here is that you're consistently feeling like your emotional needs aren't being met and that your bf isn't supporting you in the way you want. after this long, that's a compatibility issue and not something therapy can fix. he is either unable or unwilling to meet your needs, so you can't force him

  7. I don't think you need to be an actively abusive drunk in order for it to be a problem. It still causes a lot of issues – stress,patentification, neglect, financial instability.

    Now I say this as someone who loves a mimosa at Saturday brunch! Id be seeing all shades of red flags if I had an So who drank a leftover glass of wine on a Monday morning before work.

  8. I asked her and of course she said no.

    I don't think she even understands the implications of what she just did, so I'm inclined to believe her.

  9. Glad you have it all figured out though. Thank you.

    I'm not the person youre talking to but come on, it's an advice sub, you literally asked us for advice, getting snarky because someone thought they had good advice to give you is a bit extra.

  10. Boundaries are completely reasonable to have within a relationship. There is nothing wrong with having boundaries in a relationship. While I don't fully agree with op's girlfriend, she's allowed to have boundaries that don't cross her comfort zone in their relationship.

  11. You are an adult, you aren't being abusive or neglectful, and person that does not on-line there and is not married to you, doesn't get to police your activities and take your belongings like you are a misbehaving child. Your wife is obviously used to not rocking the boat. That does not bode well for your future. Take back your game console and tell your MIL she doesn't get to decide things for you.

  12. Thank you thank you thank you for this. These words felt very relieving to hear. It's hot for me when someone is telling me I'm hurting them by trying to calm my own nervous system but when you put it that way it's absurd I should be expected to render comfort and affection when my own nervous system is so activated.

  13. So she hasn’t told you everything.

    So go back sit her down and tell her she has 1 chance to tell you everything, exactly what happened, what excuse she thought was good enough to put her relationship, and her child’s future in danger, how many times they had sex (they did, you don’t start off like that in the video “can’t happen again” and arrive back to your room in the early hours of the morning without going back to his room and fucking. And ask her why she didn’t bring this up when it happened.

    And then ask how many other people and times. As it is a possibility that this is not the only time, it’s just the one you know about.

    Depending on her answers, couples counselling or divorce, they are your choices.

    And remember whatever choice you make, you have been forced into making it because your wife is a cheater.

    Now she’s probably going to say “if I tell you then you are going to divorce me” then you tell her that you are going to divorce her if she doesn’t m that there is a sliver of hope that counselling can keep the relationship together. But what she should be worried about is the nuclear fallout from her decision – as if she lies, trickle truths, omits anything, and you find out then you will ensure that she faces the full consequences of her actions, including ensuring that your child knows exactly who is to blame for everything, and as they get old enough, exactly what she did.

  14. Why would he want to subject his mistress turned gf to the group which includes ex girlfriend’s friends?? He’s making this awkward, but you’re asked not to make this awkward? It’s so soon! Too soon! He sure doesn’t care to protect the new gf at all, but you’re asked to be silent and protect her? No no no no no! Train wreck ahead, and no fault of yours!!! Why do people protect the guilty party? Not worth it! Go be with your friend and y’all start your own friend group instead of leaving her out of that friend group!

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