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  1. Why do need to be equal in earning power? Do you belive that if you fix your home and do a traditional role to some extent , you aren't equal? Do you think it's tit for tat?

  2. more excuses for why your cheating is fine but hers is so terrible. Maybe go check out the cake eater sub?

  3. I honestly don’t see the issue, it just kinda seems like he’s insecure tbh …. Like UNLESS she got them WHILE they were in a relationship then he would be in the right to feel uncertain about her.

  4. They want to be in control, and seek out women with less experience to manipulate. They love a good power imbalance.

  5. Have you not seen the comments? And the downvotes on comments from OP? And even if you did, why are you including gays and single fathers in this discussion.

  6. I don't fucking blame her. My feelings are irrational and wrong. But I don't blame her. Just because I'm sick of her telling me to toughen up doesn't mean I think she caused it.

  7. Make him a list of all the ways he has failed you as a husband. Be specific. Make sure that your list is longer than his list.

  8. Stand by your wife, if Sarah did this at a large event once she’ll do it again. Sarah shouldn’t be allowed at the wedding ceremony or reception. Her husband isn’t blind to the mean girls he is in on it with his wife and they intentionally left her out of the after party.

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