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  1. You might feel guilty now but it’s just a feeling – it will fade. He deserves the felony charge, we as a society have those laws in place so people like him don’t hurt us and the people we love without consequences.

    You did the right thing even if you feel guilty now, trust me you that it will fade because you will realize you did the right thing. You were abused and hurt for a long time…surviving it and fighting it doesn’t make it not true.

  2. There is no 2nd chance. She does not need to be in your daughters life. She actively tried to bully her out of your life and when that didn’t work she upped the antics to self harm and BLAMING A TEEN. I hope your daughter is ok, this whole stepmom situation is ugly and traumatizing. Family therapy for you and her is needed. And take the two kids with you. She is not fit to be a parent. I feel terrible for your daughter honestly she spent years being bullied, harassed and feeling unwanted. I could never stay with someone who hurt my child like that. I can’t believe it took you this long to leave and you even thought about giving this psychotic female a chance. She is dangerous, id fear for my childs life and get a restraining order. Seriously, its time you step up and protect your kids!

  3. What do I do?

    What have you done though. This entire post reads like your husband is supposed to baby you.

    It sounds like your husband has to be responsible for himself and you. If that's the case what do you bring to the relationship

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  5. I see where he's coming from

    My dear, from a woman in her 30s to a lovely and new young adult, your bf hasn't made a single valid point for you to see where he's coming from. His definition of a fun college experience is adding notches to a bed post and not being tied to a gf. He wants to put you on the back burner to dip his wick in whoever he wants and come back to you when he's done. You don't want your relationship to go to waste? Honey, he threw it in the trash with his ridiculous and childish request.

    Don't let him put you on pause because he doesn't want to be loyal. End it and have a successful college career by doing well in school, making friends, and, if you so choose, finding a bf that actually cares about you and your relationship.

  6. From a male perspective:

    I do like blowjobs, I'll freely admit that. However, in order to get one, you have to have respect for the person giving them, and appreciate when they do.

    I have never blown in someone's mouth, ever. If I was about to, I'd tell her. To not do so, I consider it to not just be rude, but completely disrespectful.

    I would never expect someone to do deep throat. If they wanted to, fair enough, but I'm happy with however much she's comfortable with. Likewise, never grab someone's head while they're giving you oral sex, male or female. Again, very disrespectful and potentially painful.

    Emotionally, a 32 year old should be smart enough to know better. Trying to talk you into something you clearly hate shows the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. I would brutally shut him down on this point. If his reaction is a whiny tantrum, that may answer your question about the future of the relationship. Getting blackout drunk is another sign of emotional immaturity.

  7. Sounds like he said he's old fashioned and he meant it. Please consider what other old fashioned ideas he may have before moving forward.

  8. Just leave, you already talked to her and try to solve things, she's an adult she have to be responsible for herself you don't have to feel guilty it's not tpur job to parent and pay all her things, let her figure by herself that's what everyone else does. If tou don't want her to guilt you to stay find a place to move, end your lease and leave a month paid so she will have a month to figure what she's going to do, just move out file for divorce and move on, good luck

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