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Model from:

Languages: en,zh

Birth Date: 1999-07-02

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

Ethnicity: ethnicityAsian

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBrown

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Take her to court. If you have any texts or contracts stating she knows this was a loan and not a gift, you should be able to get repayment.

    This is why you NEVER loan anyone substantial amounts, though, especially without a legally notarized contract of repayment.

  2. Right but skinny dipping is a culture or not ….you haven’t provide the answer for me if skinny dipping is a culture or not but you used Japan as an example….it’s a tradition yes but it’s mainly used for family that can bond overtime (they stopped when they’re junior high or high school) so in future they can enjoy bathtime by themselves. As of rn it’s considered banned in Tokyo yet it’s hard to find for adults. It can be only for age 6-9 with both genders. Soo your point is half right but wrong.

  3. Based on what you wrote in your second paragraph, you may already be having an emotional affair with this woman. Wayyyy too much info for you to have as a casual friend.

  4. This isn't about a grammar or spelling mistake, though. The use of the term female as a noun is generally done to strip away the humanity of women. I don't suspect that this guy is trying to do that, but it seems worth telling him how it appears.

  5. Well, be clear that in that message you don't actually say it is over. All you note is you are embarassed and disappointed. It leaves a huge door open for him to come at you with the lovebombing.

    Be clear what it is you are attempting to convey. What do you actually want the outcome of this message to be.

  6. Where are you getting that they chose to inconvenience OP? She hasn't said anything like that. It sounds like it's just a case of really bad timing. I didn't find out my graduation date until maybe 6-8 weeks before. Weddings are usually planned much further in advance.

  7. We’re entering an era where social media is making it seem like everybody has an OF, and it’s a totally chill, empowering thing for women. Fact is, it’s definitely not the case for everybody and it’s completely okay to not be down with your partner being a sex worker.

  8. I’m sorry for your loss. To me, it sounds like you both outgrew the relationship, in different ways. But I want to say, you say “girl” over and over and over. But she’s a woman now. And I think that’s part of your problem. She’ll always be “girl” and that proves that your relationship was stuck in that younger stage. It’s awful to lose someone you’ve been with for so long. But you grew apart. And that’s okay.

    But allow yourself to grieve. Don’t force the process. Don’t rush it. You were together a long time, so there’s no way you’ll get over it in 9 days. This will take time. And counseling. And self love. And healing.

  9. If she does respond she xan do it multiple times and even for long, right?

    Not everyone stays on the phone/social medias all the time. She can do different things, and not watching her messages in meantime.

  10. Why do you feel the need to suffer through it? What do you think you’ll win at the end if you keep at it… will he be different if you just wait? What’s the goal

  11. I've cut him off and don't intend to go back ever or be in a similar situation in the future.

    But the mind wanders…. You're right I have to stop. Thank you for the validation. It is powerful.

  12. You should not be bullied into quitting. They're victim blaming and victim shaming you.

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