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Date: September 27, 2022

17 thoughts on “Lea Thompson live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. She is way too controlling and a total nightmare. You would be well rid of her. No one should ever tell you who you can or cannot have a relationship with (especially your own parents- that is a huge ?).

  2. Why are you with her? She cheated on you with him. That's a good enough reason to kick her to the cub and go NC with her.

  3. Did I say sociopath? No.

    But it was manipulative and is a sign of either massive immaturity, or malicious intent.

    Both are not good traits to have.

  4. While the things he said to you were enough to question your relationship, I think that he came over to your parents house like planned and acted like nothing was wrong is downright creepy. I probably wouldn't have let him in. No apology, no talking about it, no nothing.

  5. They’re 100% not connected I promise there is not a chance they’re conspiring together ?

    Shit. I think you’re right, it’s negging. God that’s so fucked up. Thank you though that clears things up!

  6. Dude that's a huge leap. If I'm mad at someone, i don't HAVE to make them dinner or it's abuse. If they were keeping them from eating, that's abuse. But to not prepare a meal for an adult? C'mon.

  7. I’m sorry this is where you two are at now. With a little more time you should be able to talk again, get to the bottom of things. I’m thinking his effort could have been sincere and thus really hurt by your reaction, resulting in the F word. Hopefully once you guys have. A little bit of space and time you can talk honestly. Only you know his character so is it worth giving him the benefit of the doubt so you can try to talk it through? Hopefully he hasn’t historically used language like that with you.

  8. My god you guys have been together for 15 years, he shouldn’t need an invite anymore. Just start bringing him.

  9. Agreed. I knew a guy who was so against his girl using toys cause he thought he was able to offer everything she needed. My ex LOVED using toys on me during “play time” and was felt when I used them on my own when he wasn't around

  10. This entire situation is a massive clusterfuck. Started out open, then became monogamous, now one party wants to swing. Were I OP I would be distancing myself from this relationship because it sounds like a stressful nightmare.

  11. Oh, what a surprise.

    Also, are you not able to have normal adult conversatuon with her about what happened?

  12. Female here. I’d be flattered if someone told me they were attracted to me. Especially at 35 since we’re considered geriatric at that age.

    Just feel out the situation and be honest. I’d rather know

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