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  1. I apologize if my post was unclear. Officially, both of us are on a break. That was spoken, not assumed. My post, and question posed for advice, was how to handle the break and if I should consider finalizing the break into a full break up.

  2. That’s exactly what I’m thinking, I can’t find any sources that indicate that. Especially updated after roe v Wade was overturned

  3. This shouldn't be an issue! He exercises his way when he wants, and you exercise your way when you want. Married couples don't have to do everything together. If you both go at the same time, do your thing and meet in the Cafe for a juice after. He needs to calm down.

  4. You pretty much got the whole story, I don’t hunk she has a reason to lie about matching on hinge. It honestly doesn’t matter who added who first. They both agreed that they never talked afterwards. At this point you can confront him on lying about the hinge part, but we all know why. I’d still ask him about it regardless. Also, stop stalking who your partner adds on social media that’s crazy and creepy.

  5. Is this a valid method of mentally taking control, and coping with a past abusive relationship, and the consequences of being wrongly accused of SA?

    No. This is terrible. Good people don't do this.

  6. the whole convo about your friend seducing him is bizarre and very hot to follow but you are the one that brought it up for some also bizarre reason. im not sure where you thought that was going to go or what it was going to accomplish

    what im more curious about is why your friend told you to leave him so many times. What were your arguments about back then? How was he treating you? How often were you calling/messaging her to complain about your bf?

  7. It is taking something from him without his consent… it, in fact… Is r@pe. Because you can bet your last dime if the situation were reversed and He tampered with the condom to get Her pregnant the cry would be “r@pe!

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