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Date: September 21, 2022

12 thoughts on “Lilii Moon H

  1. It happens… I think it’s where you go from here that matters. Understanding that you were most likely drugged at some point during the rave and you did not do this intentionally… if it happened again then that would be a cause for concern. Sorry that happened to you.. I can only imagine how intense that must have been for you.

  2. Something about soccer, ladies and knees implying blowjobs? Not clear and maybe not as innocent as OP intends… But no worries other dude is totally defending OP in the comments and condemning the GF.

    IMHO this is a dumb discussion, both of them should communicate better and clearer. If you have a touchy subject you communicate it clearly to your partner. And that goes both ways.

    He shouldn't have made the “innocent remark”, since clearly it angered the GF (hunger or not, that's not how it works), and she shouldn't have responded with a petty comment since according to OP she knows is a touchy subject (OP, does she really knows, have you said it clearly OUT LOUD to her? Honestly? I doubt it).

    In short BOTH LEARN TO COMMUNICATE. Talk to her and express here you were hurt by the “joke”, otherwise how you expect her to apologize? And ask her why exactly was she so mad about that made her respond that way. TALK TO EACH OTHER, don't be dumbs dumbs

  3. Honestly, you’ve just got to make as best of a judgment call as possible. You’re the only one who can analyze everything from your gfs past, how you communicate, etc. She might have not felt it, but after she found out the dude’s hand was on her waist it should have been something she wanted to address with you and make sure you both are on the same page with how you handled it, how she feels about the situation, and what the expectations are moving forward.

  4. We were good coparents.

    For me, that's one of the key factors.

    My wife was an absentee parent. If I had pursued divorce when they were very young, then I would have had 50% of the time where I had no right to see them, and they would have been being raised by somebody who made questionable parenting decisions. That's the main reason I stayed as long as I did.

    When we eventually did divorce, I tried my hardest (and succeeded) in structuring things in a way where I have access to the kids 100% of the time.

  5. Even based on what OP said, I don’t see where the fiancée did anything wrong. She was being trauma dumped on by Sarah who was reciprocating a friendship. Sarah was using OP’s fiancée and it’s the fiancée’s fault she finally said something?

    I don’t trust OP’s judgment so I don’t believe he’s being reliable in his narrative.

  6. It's not “cheating” per se, but it is a gross behavior that no serious person would be involved in. Whether to end things over this depends on whether you're looking for a responsible life partner or just a silly sex toy. She's not fit to be the former (at least not yet) but she's probably perfect to be the latter.

  7. Just break up with her, she’s not going to do what you say just because you said it. Find someone who’s values align with yours

  8. It doesn't matter if they are only platonic. We can assume he is telling the truth, and he is still terrible bf, that you should dump.

    She disrespects you on constant basis so you hate her. He cares more about opinion of his family than your feelings. Which is why you need to break up with him.

    Accept no negotiation, other than him choosing to upset his family by alienating this “friend”.

  9. The bigger question should be, “Is my FaceTime conversation so riveting that he needs to browse social media instead of talking to me”?

  10. You need to speak to him about it – to me that would seem like a 'pamper kit' but you clearly feel he's insulting you. Talk to him!

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