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9 thoughts on “Lisarubie live! webcams for YOU!

  1. If she doesn't know anyone in that city, maybe she invited you to go with her and her daughter because she doesn't have a babysitter?

  2. You're scared of being manipulated and yet you stay in a relationship like this?

    Leave. There's way better out there. When you're a teen, a married, middle aged man isn't something you should be giving the time of day to unless they're missing their watch.

  3. Honestly, leaving would be best. He has made up his mind & even with you showing him birthmarks, him still not listening. Nothing will change his mind.

  4. You’re in the right here. You can’t exist in a professional environment if you refuse one to one interactions with people of the opposite sex. Other women exist. Pretending they don’t is silly. If your gf doesn’t trust you, she should move on.

  5. The psychological test…… would that mean every woman with PPD or PPA would immediately lose their child?

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