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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Yes I agree with sitting down for a chat. My frustration lies in the fact that I’ve gone about the situation just as you recommended not once but twice in the past thinking it wouldn’t happen again since we came to a mutual understanding/agreement. I don’t want to be controlling or manipulative in any way towards her being that she’s already been through that in the past. A lot have mentioned that we should go counseling if I don’t decide to call it quits which I really don’t want to over something so little like this but it’s much more deeper than what I had posted. I so appreciate your feedback and seeing both sides to the story. Gotta love Reddit!

  2. Yes. I am very sure. He is currently with his friends.

    I have seen the photographs and I hear them over the phone. Like, if we are FTing then he would cut the call if his friends come over. He says that they all know he is dating me, but has never made me meet them.

  3. Several things going on here and I guess you’ll get diverse opinions on this one. First of all, I totally agree with the fact that you (as the sole breadwinner in that household) need to make time for exercising and decompressing a little bit, your wife and kids will be having a HOT time if you’re not around. Second, why don’t you safe yourself some money stress by creating a schedule with both grandmas so they can help your wife with the children? Paying for a nanny when there’re 3 women that basically depend on your income in the house seems like a waste of money, the grandmas are there to help your wife so it seems like a stretch to have a nanny as well. Third, by reducing nanny expenses you can suggest your wife to use that money to see a therapist, go get a massage every now and then, etc. that might help with her situation and the lack of motivation she’s currently having. Honestly, I think you’re doing your best as a husband, father, son and son-in-law.

  4. Friend from abroad is visiting and she was spending time with her friend.

    She did not answer for 2 hrs.

    You are so clingy and desperate.

    Your clinginess is well past static cling.

    Well,past Seran wrap.

    You are at about “ booger on your finger that you can’t shake off” level.

  5. She revealed that she sleeps on and off with the groom in the comments here and that she will probably resume doing so eventually after the wedding. This can't be a real person right?

  6. Yea, there was no point in saying “our car” unless there was some bitterness involved in there which it looks like there was.

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