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Languages: en,ru

Birth Date: 2002-08-04

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

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Subculture: subcultureNone

Date: October 1, 2022
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9 thoughts on “Lonerydarklive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. It is a burden OP – im surprised you will tolerate this tbh.

    Have you never seen Hoarders the show?

    Those are probably things that she has kept for so long that they have expired.

  2. Exactly it’s like any other act of love that we do to take care of our partners. I don’t always feel like scratching his back but I will, he doesn’t always feel like playing with my hair but he does, if you think of it compared to non-sexual acts it’s more simple. I’ll still turn him down sometimes, but not multiple times in a row for an extended period. My libido closely matches my partner so maybe I just can’t relate, but I’m not always that into it, sometimes it’s more for him when he needs it, and then sometimes I’m the one initiating after it’s been a while. I think the problem comes when there’s pressure put on it. Either pushing to have it more and guilting each other about it or constantly refusing and showing no interest or attraction. It affects our self worth. “They only want me for sex” and “they don’t want me for sex” are equally hurtful to self esteem.

  3. You are a coward who apparently loves Bob more than you so to be wife. Wedding are stressful enough without toxic Sarah’s in the mix. You shouldn’t have anyone there who doesn’t love you BOTH. Here is a test to see if Bob loves you as much as you love him. Have him tell Sarah she in uninvited. Tell security not to let her in. If he won’t then he doesn’t love you as much as you love him. Cut him out of the wedding and uninvited any of your toxic friends who are not supportive of your wife. Or call off the wedding because your fiancé’s deserves some one who would willingly burn the earth down for her. Not a jellyfish. Good luck op be a better partner.

  4. Has he told you just how intentional it was? Like, he drove there specifically to get a handjob or he was at the strip mall getting gas, a haircut and his prescription and then was like “Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I need to grab a handjob real quick.”

    It's pretty crazy that he thought you would 'support him' in his angst over this. Has he always been this blindly selfish and selfcentered? Looking back, do you get the sense you are a separate and distinct human being to him or just an extension of him, who exists solely to be his hype man?

  5. If you think they're cringe you're letting society dictate the rules of your relationship, instead of responding to your girlfriend's needs.

  6. I advise against it because you're just being petty. It has no advantage to you whatsoever. The best way is just to stop caring about them at all.

  7. Before he left I depended on him a lot and I constantly asked him to go out and do things with me but he always refused. He was never one that enjoyed going out. Even for holidays like Valentine’s Day. So when he left I decided to start going out on my own since it was something he didn’t want to do with me and I figured it was a good time to learn to be more independent and do things he didn’t want to do with me.

    I tried introducing him to my friends but he’s always been critical of any new friends I make, he’s now met them and is willing to spend time with them but before he met them he would tell me how annoying they sounded and how little he wanted to meet them. He’s done this with any new people I meet.

    And for the lifting like I explained, to me it’s not that big of a deal since I’m bisexual and the logic of not doing things w people of the opposite gender wouldn’t work because that means I can’t do anything with anyone.

    It’s not about attention and validation, it’s about a hobby that makes me happy that’s he’s asking me to reduce or give up entirely.

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