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  1. My mom does this! We would be having a conversation and all of a sudden she's snoring, but denies it very much when I tell her lmao

  2. As someone who is pansexual, this situation would be a nightmare. Sooo I can't hang out with anyone alone then???

    This topic is more about boundaries than anything. Does your girlfriend avoid conflict a lot? Does she speak up when something is going wrong? Has there been cheating in her family before?

    This is certainly an extreme view point. Very primal urges-y. But as another commenter has mentioned, you're both kind of right.

    I think you can do both things here. Be understanding and frustrated. If she's telling you this is a hard boundary for her, aka she doesn't want you hanging around ANY woman alone, no exceptions.. you need to take a long pause to think if this is what you want the rest of your life to look like. You're young and this is something she may never change her mind on. And she's well within her right to uphold it.

    My partner and I operate person by person. I'm an extrovert, he isn't, so I tend to interact with many more people than he does. I tell him about all my interactions with people (because I love telling him about my day) and he lets me know if he gets a bad vibe from someone based on my recount. If he does, we talk it out and I establish a boundary with that person if needed, or cut them out completely. I'm fairly good at sussing out the bad eggs who don't respect my relationship but that takes time. He also trusts me to put someone in their place and remove myself from the situation.

    Regardless, you two need to talk about this further. Maybe even under the guidance of a third party, like a therapist. They would be able to help you both articulate your feelings and guide solutions if you're both willing.

    I hope you two find some middle ground soon and a solution moving forward. Good luck, OP!

  3. It's not enough to just speak to her therapist about it. She needs active treatment. I do not like being touched without warning unless it's by a romantic partner and may feel disgust in the moment or become angry when the person knows not to touch me unexpectedly but that's a me issue. When you know you have a problem, it's your responsibility to not allow it to affect interactions with people. It's okay to be done. That was not okay behaviour, regardless of it being a trigger that requires psychological intervention.

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  5. When you say '2 days' what day did she leave and at what time and when is she coming back? Because 'overnight' doesn't equal '2 days'. 2 days is 48 hours.

  6. He was stonewalling me for a couple days when I signed. Then he apologized profusely and we made up, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. I’m not afraid of him, I’m just a coward.

    I also thought it would be awful to live! with someone who’s packing all their stuff so maybe the vacation might be a good time to do it. I guess there’s no easy way.

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