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10 thoughts on “MaggyMayIlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Cos I have seen this post so many times. And others have also called them out for constantly posting and never taking the advice.

  2. She actually spends money all the time.. expects expensive gifts from her sons and family. So she definitely has the means. It's not being entitled I just expected a grandparent to want to do something for her grandchild for Christmas…

  3. He is taking advantage of you! How is splitting 50/50 fair is he eats most of it. Same with the pizza situation, he should have offered to pay, he is just too cheap to do so, and played dumb. You deserve better.

  4. I really appreciate your response. Love hearing things I haven’t thought about and getting different perspectives to help me understand her better. Thanks so much!

  5. We don't condone his actions and we still have trouble understanding his intentions. But yes, you're right. That's the unfortunate reality.

  6. A few words. Get over it. Why are you even worried about if your gf ex dick is bigger? Is she worried if your ex had bigger boobs? Or wetter pussy? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t gaf. That’s the weirdest thing to worry about. If she enjoys sex with you, it doesn’t matter.

  7. But you didnt do the same thing.

    You asked ahead of time if a platonic friend could stay over. You considered his feelings and were willing to make other plans if necessary.

    He went behind your back and spitefullt invited over an ex romantic partner, and is now upset that you were uncomfortable and using language like its your fault and this is what we do now.

    If he hasn't cheated, or didn't cheat last night. It is likely he will use this as justification to cheat in the future.

    It's immature.

  8. Yeah but excuses don't bring results or change there all kinds of hurdles to every task. Starting is hot but you just need to keep chugging along. It's a process not a sprint to the finish line. Baby steps all the way until you can run.

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