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  1. What happens if you’re 50 years old and decide to go back to school? It’s still based on your parents income? You’re 24, there has to be some kind of limitation on this. Have you tried talking to your school about options? Is there a legal way to separate yourself from your parents? It’s hard to help because we don’t know what country this is or the laws but I can’t imagine that there’s really no other option than to have this guy take care of you or go back home. Have you asked on a subreddit for your country or another social media for your local area? I really hope there are other options for you, because the two you present here suck.

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  3. Total imbalance here and don't reach out. That's over – at least it would be for me. This relationship IS transactional and I wonder if he says “I love you” to get what he wants…??? Please, don't do this to yourself. 3 months only and already this… no way in hell. You are doing all the work…emotional, mentally, physically…

  4. No, it really isn't

    It's okay to be wrong

    Porn and rom-coms aren't created for the same reasons. Aren't produced with the same practices. Don't have the same effects on people.

    It's a bad analogy

    But it makes you feel better to think it's a good one, rather than reflect that you might be wrong

    It's okay

  5. Not liking your spouses family is weird to me. I enjoy my wife's family, they on-line in a different country so I don't get to see them very often which is a bummer

  6. It can be done.

    You will drive yourself into a variety of mental illnesses such as depression though. Is she really worth it?

    I'd say probably not and that you should find someone more suitable for you. She is not it.

  7. You're actually the only comment on this post who hasn't threatened to throw me in horny jail. Thank you for being a kind person

  8. You need to be an adult and discuss it with him, the good, the bad and the weird. It won’t get better unless you talk to him.

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