Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. This person is trying to insert her gender politics into a relationship advice sub and make it seem as though all women have these boundaries and on-line in fear of being assaulted by men, letting it influence every decision they make.

    Although it is a dangerous world for women, this just isn’t how the world works at all.

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  3. He doesn't like or approve of this guy. Maybe doesn't respect him since y'all are having to live! in his house and this guy can't provide for you at 27. I don't know any of the context, but that's my best guess.

  4. errr that’s why it’s a question? just wondering about people’s opinions on what they think he would? i don’t expect people to be mind readers

  5. Op stated above that she's not sexually attracted to him and if she was, her “conditions” might be different.

    Op is a piece.

  6. Ewww literally eww what on this Gods green earth would someone almost 30 be doing with a teenager.

    Jesus. Can these men not handle women their own age because they have standards?

    So they go after young girls who can't even drink legally and settle for well it's legal so I'm not doing anything wrong?

    OP wtf do yall have in common?

    What do you connect over? You going to college and him getting ready to talk about kids and marriage?

    Do your parents approve of this relationship?

    Where do you see this relationship going?

    Has he dated younger women in the past?

    Why did he say he thought you being 18 wasn't fucking weird for him?

    I can bet you unless he has creepy fucking friends people our age generally find a dude that's 27 dating a literal teenager gross nd predatory.

    You have zero life experience. Im sorry to be harsh but you don't. This man can mold you into anything he wants and that's probably why he's out thinking its okay dating someone near a decade younger than him that's basically just out of high school.

    Fucking hell.

  7. He is NOT perfect for you because he doesn't respect you.

    Also he clearly understand anything about how sexual relationships work ?. He's being an ass and you don't have to deal with it. you deserve better – You may find someone who you doesn't have the same check view as this guy did that turns out to ACTUALLY be the right person for you.vj

  8. This is where you can be your own enemy. Take care of yourself. Stop hosting. Tell everyone you need a bit of a break and someone else can host.

  9. Yeah but it not about those people but a heterosexual couple, they do not consider to date people from sex. The logic only applies to you.

  10. I keep trying but he honestly is extremely fixated on the idea of the wedding day. We live! together and built a life together in a different place than where he grew up, so I think for him it's very important to have that day where he gets all his friends and family together to have that traditional wedding experience.

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