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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Currently 45 (f) when my ex left me at 39. I dated a 22 (m) for six months. He was intelligent, owned his own business, and was a complete gentleman. Mindset matters more than numbers on a birth certificate.

  2. Have you tried communicating with her through text? Often its easier for autistic people to type rather than talk & personally I find it much easier to open up about feelings & stuff through typing rather than talking. You say your gf doesn't like to discuss her feelings so this may help her too.

    Also you might find it easier to use tech to type & then it speaks it out loud, I can't describe how but my brain finds the words/sentance much easier when typing rather than talking. There are free apps to use, if you each for “AAC” or “text to speech” you will find apps etc & can try them out to see if it makes communicating easier for you.

  3. I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here. You know you should tell her and you want to so…tell her?

  4. Should have been more clear in my post, girl I met lives across the country and I'm not pursuing her in any way – will probably never meet again. The experience just changed my perspective

  5. This is the kind of arrangement that will come back to bite you. It's the kind of arrangement that you almost have to have in a written contract.

    I would go to a marriage counsellor and talk about this arrangement in front of them. You and your wife can work through all the possible scenarios and outcomes. Then you will both be on the same page. The cyclic in me says you will also have a witness in any upcoming divorce.

    Good luck

  6. I would tell everybody that you work with, that she goes to church with, social media I will blow up her spot and say that a woman my age was dating my son who is a teenager. I am a scorch the earth type of person.

  7. I've asked and he doesn't like me constantly asking every time he wants to (says it kills the mood.) But the problem is how he responds when I do initiate, that throws me mixed signals and makes me think he doesn't want to.

  8. Best course of action is being up front and honest about your mental struggles and letting her know that right now you need to take care of yourself and you can’t handle being in a relationship anymore.

  9. But other than that, nothing for a month? Listen, things change and can get stale, but at that point, you need to work together as a team to keep the spark alive.

    She logically can’t be “tired” every single day, considering that was never the case. So what’s the deal? If she just doesn’t want to have sex and has a low libido, fair enough. She’s entitled to that. But if that doesn’t work for you, then you’re just sexually incompatible and this relationship can’t logically work. It’s time to talk about it and not let her deflect.

  10. I get massive, horrible migraines where my vision blacks out and the room starts spinning. I can still squeak out a, “Hi, I'm not feeling well, you'll have to excuse me I need to go lie down.”

    I think OP was in a crap mood, and was probably huffing, sighing, rattling about, and making a bigass passive aggressive production out of settling in.

    And cripes that is SO embarrassing when you're a guest and someone makes a scene to drop that Go the Hell Home hint. Reminds me of being a kid, playing at a friend's house, and the dad would get all surly and barky to kick us out, y'know?

    Wife shouldn't have had a friend over without giving OP a heads up, but maybe that's something they do as a couple. And wife could have been a bit calmer in addressing the issue.

    Ultimately, these two are in a dumb, childish dynamic.

  11. I think her ignoring it speaks volumes about how she feels on the topic.

    If you bump into her maybe try saying hi but don't bring it up further.

  12. He's concerned about your emotional connection to male co workers. Maybe not totally irrational given the history.

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