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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Maybe become friends with her?

    A good boundary you could set is if they go to a work party and your not there having like a check in time maybe

    But they may be a bad one idk ur relationship

    Ya this one is tricky I would just assume the best though and pay attention to his body language compared to hers

    Because even for him based off of what you said because they are co workers if he was like stop being so flirty work would be soooo awkward ya know

  2. Phones only delete texts in order starting with the oldest. If they’re not being deleted in order than he is deleting them.

  3. I'm not using anything as an excuse. I have nothing to hide. There's no girls going, no side hoes, no strippers. Just a gang of dudes that I respect and they wanted to formally invite me for a great night out.

    The fact that your saying to break up with her says a lot about you in relationships, I wouldn't break up with her for making memories. But when I'm on the side line while she makes memories with her friends, it gets depressing because i wish I could do that with my friends too. I love her and I spend lots of time with her. Just wanted one night to myself but clearly I'm a demon for wanting to spend new years some place else other then being in her presence

  4. No matter the time of day, my husband will just pop into the shower real quick to freshen up before receiving oral. Is there a reason you can’t take a quick shower? Have you tried experimenting with other forms of foreplay like a vibrator? There’s options and given how young you were when you got together, I’m sure there’s plenty more sensations you may enjoy but you haven’t discovered yet. He doesn’t seem all that curious to get to know your body which is important to a good sex life.

    Either way, you do not owe him your body for any reason. It shouldn’t be an obligation.

  5. It should be celebrated that you get along well with your ex not discouraged. Let your wife know that you adore her but your children from your first marriage are just as important to you and need the love, support, and cooperation of both parents in their lives. It will not affect your children I think she's more worried about herself. Tell her that you love her and that she needs to trust in your character and that you will respect the relationship. Maybe family counseling could help you both but don't let her insecurities impact your children's lives. Best of luck!

  6. You should definitely communicate your needs in a relationship. If you need to talk, you have to ask him and not hope he is going to read your mind. You can talk long term too, “If I'm having a bad day and need alone time, I'd appreciated it if you'd offer to talk.”

    You would be giving him a blueprint to meet your needs. That's a good thing. He might just prefer not to talk about things and assumes that when you want alone time, it means you want to be left alone.

    If you find, over time, that he doesn't step up, then think of it as a red flag. You want someone you can turn to for support.

  7. Is her therapist one who specializes in eating disorders? If not, you should suggest that she look for someone who does. Eating disorders are just as much about the mentality behind them as they are about the act of eating(or not eating).

  8. I enjoy going on rides and the atmosphere of the parks bring me joy, something you seem to know little about. Do me a favor and tell your girlfriend everything you’ve said here. I’m sure she’ll take it real well.

  9. The first and best option would be to move on to someone better. If you stay, all you can do is wait and see whether he stays with you despite all the distractions.

  10. The one waxing you. I know aestheticians and here they are trained that they are not obligated to continue when a person is sexually aroused by it, its borderline sexual harassment and they immediately stop.

  11. Like arguing over him doing things without me, when I’m not a psycho he would never cheat, he never did I just got jealous because he has more friends than me and I didn’t like to be on my own when he was out

  12. You walk away. At 25 she should know better but here we are.

    The kindest interpretation would be, she is weak and her self-esteem is not her own. She doesn't stand up for herself or what she wants. She's willing to be submissive and lie through omission.

    Worst case, she's manipulative and using. Doesn't break up with current guy because it suits her. Leads you on until you are attached because it suits her.

    I don't know which (or how much of both) she is, but more importantly NEITHER DO YOU.

    Stop seeing her. Tell her to look you up when she is available AND single – BOTH. When/if that happens, and you are single yourself, and you are still interested, and you have time, then maybe.

  13. I will but also thinking ahead in case this goes for divorce. My friends did pick me up last night. Just trying to keep busy.

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