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10 thoughts on “Mary-mayers live webcams for YOU!

  1. Your both teenagers playing house. You’re too young to be tied down like this. Why are you living together so young when you’re ideals are not aligned?

    He’s a boy who wants to hang out and have fun with his mates like a single person and you’re a homebody who wants a cosy nest.

    You’re either going to have to align or you’re not compatible. Probably due to your ages and ideas of what you want. I bet you break up again because he still sees himself as a single person.

  2. It seems a bit extreme to me, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. People can dress however they want, and he can feel however he wants about it. Doesn’t mean he gets to control her wardrobe.

  3. The tests are really and she's had a 6 week scan. Pregnancy is definitely real. We were away together during her window. Makes it highly likely to be mine.

  4. Have the affair and blow up your marriage! I’m way to old for you bs, dear. If you were well intentioned and committed to your wife, you would absolutely be distancing yourself from this “friend”. Let your wife live! a REAL life, good or bad, not to pile of lies and deceit you’re discretely and slowly turning her world into. PS, once you fuck the friend, don’t pull the “I didn’t mean for this to happen” crap.

  5. yeah true. I agree.

    Its their relationship not mine.

    He will know what to do.

    Theyre moving in together in May lol. But i think after this things may change.

    They had this conversation two weeks ago

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