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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. So happy to see a good update. I'm sure that was so naked for you but way to go. This random stranger on the net wants to give you a high five too! Hope for good things in your future!

  2. Jesus I’ve never heard of panic attacks that lead to diarrhoea and projectile vomit.. how have you put up with it for this long, that’s commitment??

    But seriously, if she goes into a panic attack let her be. (Of course if it’s worse/not seen her have an attack like that before seek medical professionals.) Don’t make her think you’ll be there for her or she’ll never let you break up. She’ll always see you as her safety network which you can’t let her keep thinking. You need to make her resent you so that hopefully she’ll end it with you. Sounds horrible but it’s your only way out by the sound of it? And luckily if she doesn’t have ownership of anything it shouldn’t be too bad finically for you, only issue might be you may have to cut back on things till your on your feet again. And if family say anything about it especially her side just block/cut all communications and if your family ask why you’ve done that. Just say “well she’s my ex now so it’s not appropriate/disrespectful to her to keep in contact with them when I’m no longer with her.” And if your family don’t buy that then just tell them the honest reason why it’s ended because I’m guessing they have no idea about the severity of her anxiety attacks. I’m sure they’ll understand why you couldn’t take anymore and hopefully then you can move on with your life eg single or start dating again. And if they don’t and they say how could you want the relationship to end just say would you put up with it?

  3. Thank you for your response. Others are telling me to give up, and I get where they’re coming from, but I’d like to at least try a conversation (if I can get him away from his girlfriend for two minutes). He may just be clueless, so I’d like to give him the chance to understand why this matters to me.

    I just don’t know how to phrase it. I think I’d rather just have like a complete sentence that includes all my thoughts on the matter condensed and then just leave him with that, even if he doesn’t / won’t really respond :/

  4. I wouldnt say I know them well. His family invites me to all of their parties. I go with him but he doesn't like to stay long. He's took to meet his dad and the rest of his family and they live 3hrs away. I met one of his friends but that was before we were together. Other than that I don't know anyone. The thing is when we go out PDA is fine he initiates it. We walk around like a couple. We also took pictures when we first started dating.

  5. Exactly. I mean if that’s the case though and there’s some type of dysfunction that he wants to hide, then atleast share that with me instead of beating around the bush and acting like it’s NORMAL to wait years to introduce someone to your family ??‍♀️

  6. yeah, this makes a lot of sense. i was thinking the same, but thought maybe i was overreacting or jumping to conclusions. really though, i’m struggling to see it any other way, possibly because there IS no other way to view it. it just sucks to be abandoned in that way, with zero care or regard at all

  7. The only thing I misunderstood was that I assumed your friends were also his friends. It's still not cool to trash talk the person you are supposed to be in love with. How do you think that would make him feel to hear/read that? Do you think he would be okay with you participating in conversations like that about him, because that seems beyond disrespectful to me. Especially when your chief complaint is that he supposedly does not respect you.

    If you want my honest assessment of what sounds like it could possibly be emotional/mental abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting, it's your behavior. You use your boyfriend when you need/want him, yell at him when you get mad, ignore him when he doesn't do or say what you want him to, trash talk about him to friends/strangers, take zero accountability for your behavior, and ignore his feelings when he tries to talk to you.

    I would think about whether that is an accurate assessment.

    Was he possibly insensitive in the spur of the moment? Yes. However, you seem more insensitive to the fact that he has feelings too. (BTW, he does, and it sounds like he was trying to sincerely express them to you when you dismissed him.)

    Your boyfriend hasn't done anything horrible. Why are you this upset? Why would you let yourself get to the point of being this angry? Every couple has stupid arguments from time to time. It happens. It shouldn't drag on like this.

    This issue could have easily been solved quickly when you both cooled down. A simple, “I overreacted, but it truly hurt my feelings, and I'm sorry.” from you. And an, “I didn't mean to upset you. I'm sorry,” from him. Both of you need to say sorry to each other.

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