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Hello darling today is mi first day and enjoy with you #anal #latina #submiubmissive

Date: October 1, 2022

2 thoughts on “TinaaJones live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. So happy to see a good update. I'm sure that was so naked for you but way to go. This random stranger on the net wants to give you a high five too! Hope for good things in your future!

  2. Jesus I’ve never heard of panic attacks that lead to diarrhoea and projectile vomit.. how have you put up with it for this long, that’s commitment😭😂

    But seriously, if she goes into a panic attack let her be. (Of course if it’s worse/not seen her have an attack like that before seek medical professionals.) Don’t make her think you’ll be there for her or she’ll never let you break up. She’ll always see you as her safety network which you can’t let her keep thinking. You need to make her resent you so that hopefully she’ll end it with you. Sounds horrible but it’s your only way out by the sound of it😂 And luckily if she doesn’t have ownership of anything it shouldn’t be too bad finically for you, only issue might be you may have to cut back on things till your on your feet again. And if family say anything about it especially her side just block/cut all communications and if your family ask why you’ve done that. Just say “well she’s my ex now so it’s not appropriate/disrespectful to her to keep in contact with them when I’m no longer with her.” And if your family don’t buy that then just tell them the honest reason why it’s ended because I’m guessing they have no idea about the severity of her anxiety attacks. I’m sure they’ll understand why you couldn’t take anymore and hopefully then you can move on with your life eg single or start dating again. And if they don’t and they say how could you want the relationship to end just say would you put up with it😂

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