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  1. I saw your edit…and I believe you have now edited again?

    I was under the assumption from the first post you went there, talked briefly, then had sex. Kind of the ole wham-bam, then left.

    Then i saw earlier that didn't you say you talked awhile, she spoke of her family and everything, seemed sincere?

    Now it just says you got her name but forgot since you were drunk.

    I'm confused.

  2. As a guy who loves pets, my partner not being cool with me bringing along my dog when we move in together would be a huge deal breaker for me. I would never be able to part with my dog. He's coming along. If my partner doesn't like me bringing along my dog, then she's not someone I can see moving in with. If that's a deal breaker for her and she'd rather breakup, then so be it. My dog has been there for me through everything. Not many people will be able to replace that.

    You ought to think really nude about this, OP. See if you can make things work without moving in together, you know? That's still a valid option. Don't feel pressured into anything.

  3. Spend a lot more time figuring out why you hate instead of who you hate. It's not really nice to judge people when clearly you're still figuring out who you are as a person yourself. Getting so caught up in gender and racism. You can't even have a normal conversation with someone anymore lol.

  4. I’ve been in your shoes. The trust never returns after a night like that. Especially when details were withheld

  5. I work for myself… and it’s effing hot. I love it, but there are months when I have to really watch everything to make sure I pay my bills. And then there are months when I can splurge. However, it’s all a lot of work and sometimes you spend a lot of time on something and it doesn’t work out right before the finish line… nonetheless, to be able to work for yourself, you actually have to start working

  6. Loads of men have this vague idea about having kids (or in his case, more kids) “someday” . Society tells them they have all the time in the world to have kids* so they end up picturing some misty future them who is rich and successful and has three kids with a much younger partner.

    In this fantasy, their future self is settled and has achieved everything they want to, and since the younger women is the one who wanted the kids, she is happy to do most of the heavy lifting of childcare. The children are angelic and playful, the partner is loving and gentle, and the whole scene is bathed in golden sunlight…..ahhh, its beautiful.

    That is what he means about wanting kids “in ten years time”. He means “not with you, not where it might inconvenience my life, not in the actual real world”.

    *Men's fertility declines the same as women's, and old sperm runs a higher risk of autism and other medical conditions, as well as plummeting rates of conception and greater rates of miscarriage. The idea that men can keep having babies into their 70s is cherished by our society, but medically it is… highly unlikely.

  7. A is mostly irrelevant in your explanation. B is understandable but it would have taken 1-2 min to say a proper hello along with I don’t feel great. C you embarrassed her so she is upset

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