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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Dude, who you hanging around that says such garbage? I value the older women in my life immensely, so much wisdom and compassion. And sadly, I know way too many older men, that don’t have a lick of sense. So sorry, I don’t buy that nonsense.

  2. I'm guessing you didn't read the original post but the dude specifically said he wanted to know what he can do better/how to do better. Your comment is irrelevant in this case. “Most women learn about what makes them climax at a much younger age, between 15-20, when they start masturbating.” And that's exactly what i said. When she is masturbating she knows that she is responsible for her orgasm but when she has sex, she has decided that she is not responsible for her orgasm anymore. That's why she's failing at that. You have serious issues with reading comprehension, you should work on that.

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  4. People need to stop being so uptight.

    People need to respect others boundaries. You don't get to tell others what to be comfortable with.

  5. The sooner you are single you will find out OP. Every relationship (even if it ends) is a chance to learn your value and what you want/don’t want in a partner. You have listed many “don’t wants” in your post and you say she is “otherwise great”, but what else is there? I haven’t seen you mention anything other than vague kindness and a peck on the lips. That is way less than the bare minimum and you can literally get that from friends who won’t leech off of you.

    It’s scary to be single but I guarantee that if you are willing to contribute this much to a relationship, you can find someone who sees what you give and is inspired to be just as generous as you, for you. It is so nice when you find someone who doesn’t take advantage of your kindness. And in the meantime it is really rewarding to be single and have your shit together!!

  6. My friend most couples will straight-up consider this cheating.

    Doesn't matter if she's known him a couple of days or years – you don't go kissing other folks like that.

    How do you know for sure that she hasn't done more and either not admitted it, or you don't want to believe it?

    This isn't just an issue of forgiveness, it's also a matter of trust – for most I imagine it'd be a real, genuine and hard struggle to know their partner has the integrity to be 100% honest – there'd be a little voice telling you “she's not told you the whole truth” the whole time.

    Don't make the error of telling yourself that “you aren't good enough” and you'd be forgiving her based on what you see as your fault, despite her being the one who's strayed – you're plenty good enough, you've admitted your faults and….

    Well let's be straight- she hasn't apologised or shown any remorse – not so much as a “I should've just had a conversation with you, told you how I was feeling and made it clear I'm not happy”, all she's done is kiss another guy, let you blame yourself and sit there twiddling her fingers saying she needs to “think”.

    You if anyone should be in her shoes thinking about your relationship and what this means that she'd do that unapologetically.

    Maybe, sure, you are at fault also for not giving her more attention or whatever – but there's a big gap between “not spending more time with my partner” and “kissed another person” without someone, at some point, at least opening their mouth to say “I'm not happy”.

  7. Sounds like extreme jealousy, acting like these shows are competition. Does he expect you to serve him and stare into his eyes all day? Is that what he expects instead?

  8. She’s on her feet all day, and if she works in a hospital, her shifts are probably double what the average persons are. Be kind, I’m sure her discomfort at the end of a shift is far worse than the smell. You could get a bath ready for her before she gets home so she can get right in, or even just a foot spa so she can soak them for a bit. Also, there are foot deodorants and lotions that can lessen the sweat that builds up during the day. Look into getting her some.

  9. About the chats, I would only talk to the girls when we were on breaks and even then barring one incident it was purely based on exchange of jokes and such.

  10. Your husband is an AH! Hormones do weird things to a woman’s body during pregnancy. Sometimes it’s hyperpigmentation on your face!!!

    He’s being an AH. I’d leave and spend the day doing something for myself just to get away from him.


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