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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. When we met, we would go out 3 – 4x a week, drink, and live! it up. We have both since stopped partying. We would rather hang out and spend time together vs at the bar with random people.

    We are both exclusive in our book. We didn't celebrate anything for our 1 year knowing each other anniversary. I figured maybe he wasn't ready. I didn't want him to think I was pressuring him into anything he wasn't ready for.

    He's the type that doesn't really celebrate anything. Including his bday, even when I tried to get him to go out and have fun. He wanted to stay home. Which, now that I think about it, should have screamed red flag at me.

    He is all sunshine and rainbows to have me over at his new place. When he gets a new place. Which is hopefully by Summer 23.

    No children – I confirmed this on her and her sisters socials.

    His sister used to live with him. But, has since gotten on her feet and was able to get her own place. According to him, he lives with his dog only. He has been at his job for over 20 years, and has a side business. If he is struggling financially, he hides it very well. I honestly do not think this is the issue…

    I see us as something serious. I have decided that if he doesn't move into a new place, or at least let me know where he lives, I am going to have to end it.

    I appreciate the reply!

  2. Uni is free here, I could online in a dorm but it's pointless because my uni is 40 mins away, so buying a monthly public transport ticket is more economic than paying for a dorm room

  3. Girl, talk to him. But if he is showing you through his behaviors that he's not into you, then why are you wasting time with him?

  4. Is it definitely yours? Get a paternity test before signing the birth certificate. Don't marry someone you don't want to. Better to coparent then to marry someone you don't want to, the marriage would fall apart because you were pressured into it.

  5. You did get with a married man, repeatedly, over the course of many years. It's irrelevant that your initial hookup a decade ago wasn't cheating.

  6. I don't want him, I've never wanted him that way.

    Then why did you have an affair with the man for 10 years, knowing the repercussions? If you've never wanted him this way, it should have been easy to walk away a long time ago. Especially if he had gotten married.

    And as a side note, you have to know people are going to come at you for this. Your post and the comments following really shine a light on the fact that you really don't care. And normal people (including me) everywhere have a huge problem with that, as they should. You've opened yourself up to this; tell us the rest. There's something missing and I suspect it is why you're asking Reddit for help. Why, after ten years are you 'all of a sudden' deciding to end this?

  7. Yeah dude that’s what happens when you date someone that young. You’re looking for someone who is already established to some extent when it comes to relationships and has a good grasp on real in person connection. Not gonna happen till she’s much older.

    Honestly you need to date someone your age. My sister is 22 and she’s the same way as your girlfriend with texting and Snapchat and all that shit even though she’s got a good job and a degree, she doesn’t have any relationship experience that goes past a year. She’s just young minded in that aspect and she dates guys her age cause they are the same way and she hates the pressure older men put on her so she steers clear.

    You want a 21 year old woman who has the experience and maturity of a 30 year old woman. That’s not gonna happen.

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