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Date: September 20, 2022
Actors: Kaylee---

12 thoughts on “mili-moon

  1. Dude she broke up with you multiple of times for various of reasons. And she knows most of those reasons are dumb when SHE herself had admitted, they could've been resolved by just talking things over. You, yourself could do so much better. Yet you put yourself in a predicament of, “What if this, what if or that,” “I think we can work things out?” or “I absolutely love her and feel don't want to leave her because of this.” But are you sure she's not lying to you after breaking up multiple of times especially breaking up with you TWICE in A WEEK? Like you're legit setting yourself to break your heart and stomp over it multiple of times. You're acting like a pushover, no offense dude. You're allowing your feelings to get the best of you and you're allowed to toy with you however she sees fit. At least how I see this situation.

  2. You are the one being abused. It sounds like you are doing your best to ease her burdens but nothing is enough. And it also sounds like she has deep self esteem issues.

    One of the predictors for a whole host of mental issues is suffering abuse from your parents in childhood or youth. Things like BPD originate precisely there.

    Please, go see a mental health professional and ask her to do so as well. If she truly loves you she will take responsibility of her own part in your relationship issues. And you will do the same.

    But you should not continue under the same circumstances.

    I hope you both get better.

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  4. You are setting the bar way low here by repeatedly asking about one something that obviously was fine for you to do. Your entire situation is a mess.

  5. Yeah we have had many of these conversations, and talked about the compromises we would make for each other and the relationship.

    That is good advice, we will definitely look into it.

  6. You tried for two months out of almost a year. Maybe she decided she didn't love it and wanted a compromise. Swinging is like in-between open and closed

  7. Look your post doesn't tell anyone anything. So the only thing people go off is you calling her a narcissistic.

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