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Model from: in

Languages: en

Birth Date: 1993-07-16

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityIndian

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBlack

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: September 24, 2022

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  2. 9 times out of 10, in my experience, the guy who wants to open the relationship ends up with no bitches while the girl ends up having way more sex. Always backfires for these asshats who think polyamory is a tool to manipulate your partner into letting you cheat

  3. Because you said “my boyfriend wants to buy a vape”. Jesus.

    I'm done talking to you. Enjoy getting dumped soon. I am sure it will become a theme.

  4. Protecting your own self-interest (within reason, naturally) is never unfair. He dumped you; you don't owe him anything?

  5. Yeah, I'm 30 too, and I understand that having a baby with someone you've known for less than a year is a fucking stupid idea. You're dealing with the consequences right now.

    Congrats on not being a teen mom. Now you can be a 30-year-old mom in an unhappy marriage with an old stranger.

  6. You haven't provided a single obvious reason why there would be a benefit to you trying to save your marriage.

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