Emma Williams


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Date: September 23, 2022

8 thoughts on “Emma Williams

  1. Four months without sexual activity would make a lot of guys sour and feel misaligned with their partner, and hours on the train every week to see someone I’m not sleeping with would definitely be super inconvenient.

    Sexual compatibility is so important, and being in a very new and very not intimate relationship coupled with the move, might have been more trouble than he thought it was worth.

  2. Go back and read your very first sentence and then think long and very hot about whether this is a marriage worth saving.

  3. If you had changed at all or learned a single thing you wouldn't still be with Mari, who is also trash. You deserve each other, at least. Leave your brother alone

  4. People finding dates on LinkedIn is starting to become more of a thing than it was in the past. Since you guys already had a hangout together, I think it's no big deal to reach out to her on LinkedIn.

  5. If he has a good sense of humor, ask him out on a target date, pick up some sheets and toilet paper and have him pay for both ? shit literally happens, so if you like him somewhat, then be chill about it

  6. If you’re going to argue about the immigrant thing that’s one thing. But if you’re going to completely dismiss valid reasons why this would be harder on OP & the kid and just pretend everything is perfectly fine to justify then there’s no point in this conversation.

    Yes, being a way for a month when you have a young child is a big deal. Yes, it puts a lot more work and stress on OP. Pretending it doesn’t and writing all that off doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

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