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Live Live Sex Chat rooms Olivia (dark hair) & Zoe (light hair)

Olivia (dark hair) & Zoe (light hair) live! sex chat

Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. For things like his chores he clearly doesn't just “see” that they need to be done, so a simple solution is for him to schedule them. E.g. every Mon, Wed, and Friday morning he empties the trash and the Kitty litter box whether or not they are full.

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  2. First, a little strange calling a 29 year old a “boy”, but moving on.

    This was an opportunity to take control of the situation and not freak out in your conversation. You could have easily said, “my friend gets overzealous sometimes about who i'm talking to. She asked me how things were going between us that I thought would stay between me and her and never intended it to get back to you. I never asked her to talk to you, I don't need her to. I'm actually upset that happened and I'll have a conversation with her about it and I'll make sure it never happens again. I'm not expecting or forcing a date, I'm just interested in getting to know you first. But if what she did turns you off about moving forward, I completely understand, but understand that didn't come from me.”

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  4. Just to be clear, what do you mean by “tested”? If I had a symptom or was a partner that later found out they had an STI I told my doc who did the paper work for a blood test. You're saying you get a test for all STIs every 6 months or something?

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