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  1. Aside from the “brother daddy” and “uncle brother” jokes, I’d be seriously concerned that he didn’t discuss this with you first. That’s not something just one partner decides

  2. People like you disgust me. Gender doesnt matter another human isn't your toy. He has his boundaries, needs and feelings. Tbh better to break things up

  3. The fact that you feel so guilty over what sounds like a single mouthful of beer worries me. Most people, even if they don't like alcohol, don't end up distancing themselves from their friends because they liked drinking. I'm guessing the guilt comes from how you were raised. What was your families attitude to drinking and also about following rules?

    I'm also guessing that your disgust at the taste of beer and guilt over drinking it has mentally transferred to your friend. As in “I hated this/feel guilty over this, you liked it therefore you liked something disgusting therefore you are disgusting”. I'd suggest, short-term, going to your friends and doing your best to be a friend to them, ignore the thoughts in your head or counteract them. If you find yourself being disgusted with them, just remind yourself it's just a drink and they're a good friend. Long-term I'd suggest therapy to figure out why you feel so guilt-ridden over this and why you're pushing your friend away.

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