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Languages: en

Birth Date: 1989-06-16

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Subculture: subcultureNone

Date: September 20, 2022
Actors: POPPY XO

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  1. Oh, probably. IMO if someone asks for a poly situation/open relationship and already has a person in mind (and not as a general conversation), there's almost always at LEAST emotional cheating going on, and very likely physical as well

  2. I have some training in grief counceling.

    Everyone grieves in their own way and that's okay. Bottling up and focusing on your day to day can be a good healthy coping mechanism. Talking can also be healthy. If you feel like you need someone to talk to, find a therapist or a friend that can help you. And regarding your boyfriend just keep offering from time to time so he know the door is still open, that you still can talk about it together.

    If you try to force him, that might set his own process back and he might be worse off. On the other hand, if it seems he's not okay and not dealing well after some time has passed then maybe he needs another way to handle his sorrow. If so, it's good to see a professional.

  3. I've never said I'm going to value my experience over human beings. Also I'm a part of marginalised community as well so this is why I'm torn. I'm queer myself. I never said I care more about financially supporting a TERF, you are taking words out of my mouth and that isn't fair.

  4. I actually think most of this is on your boyfriend and not his parents. He can say, I’ll call you back after dinner. He should have awakened you when they called. He deprived them of the opportunity to say thank you in person by not waking you.

  5. She says I don't care about her or even try with her. Or that I am lazy or this and that. This is my first serious relationship and she does have a fat fetish which I get but she doesn't separate that from like you know, real life. She has a cracked disk and has had options for it to be fixed so she isn't in so much pain but she always tells me they ignore her and so now I have to make her appointments soon I feel. I told her that is she is having so much problems she should lose weight and she gets mad at me. I have let myself go and feel like I am being dragged down with her. She is on so many medications that I don't even know the names of them. I don't know i guess just hearing for similar advice. I am not happy and neither is she yet she blames it all on me and calls me abusive when I get mad at her being unreasonable or her being mean in the first place. She says if I had these problems she would help me but I really doubt she would as before when I had pain she treated it like it was nothing and I should suck it up. Like my emotions or problems don't matter. I ask her how she is doing in her hobbies or games but I have never gotten that from her, I have to pretty much try and get her to look but she blows me off or gets annoyed but gets mad at me when I don't look right away at stuff she wants to show me. It feels like so many double standards.

  6. People keep mementos for a reason. Some need closure, some want to remember, some cant bear the thought to be without etc etc but what kind of thing a person keeps is to me a huge difference think sex video vs movie tickets

  7. Dating is kind of like applying for jobs. You send out a bunch of applications with your CV, get some callbacks and set up interviews. You don't cancel all of the other interviews after you go to the first one.

    Dating is similar in that regard, as you were just talking and he had no guarantee you both would have hit it off and liked each other. The important thing is, did he cancel all of the other interviews after he “got the job”?

  8. If she doesn’t reply, then that’s your answer.

    I’m not religious so I’m not sure of the etiquette here, but church doesn’t really seem like a date venue, seems more like a “we’ll see each other there” venue. In that case you majorly overreacted and it’s probably a big red flag for her when you aren’t even actually dating yet.

    I’d leave it alone and if she decides to reach out, take this as a lesson to think before you react.

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