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  1. Don’t try to rationalize you now being a douche for interfering ina marriage. That’s what insecure little boys do. They can’t find a woman of their own so they prey on a married woman who’s marriage is on a slight down cycle. It’s pathetic. And you are a scum bag.

  2. What you are saying is gaslighting of course but the definition covers making you equestrian your reasoning. It is not limited to what you state

  3. it truly baffles me that men still can’t grasp the fact that, statistically, they are not the sole bread winners anymore. the majority of households are dual income in the US. they love pretending that men pay for everything and provide all of the time while women sit at home all day. like LOL, no.

  4. I think this is a bad idea.

    You should casually ask her (while you are on a walk or something) Like doing dishes together. Be casual not intense.

    Be prepared for all responses: yes, no, or maybe.

  5. TL/DR: The person writing the post is a 20-year-old male and has been in a relationship for two years with a 20-year-old female. His girlfriend's mother is kicking her out and they have until Sunday to find a solution. The person writes that he wants to help his girlfriend but is not ready to move out yet and the cost of living is high in their current location. He is struggling with what to do and feels like it's his duty to help his girlfriend, but is unsure if he should move out with her. He also mentions his dislike for his girlfriend's mother and father.

  6. You need to have a conversation with your mum and inform her what she is doing is unacceptable and makes you uncomfortable. I would also have the same conversation with your boyfriend. What happens next will decide what your next course of action will be. Communication is key in this case.

  7. It sounds like you're back-burnered. He might not consider you his only girlfriend, or maybe just not that into you. Did your date get rescheduled or just cancelled? If cancelled, move on.

  8. I would tell him. For people that say don’t, would you seriously want to marry someone without knowing they’re cheating. He deserves to know and he can make his own mind up. Cheaters are the worst.

  9. I'm not unusually tight, I just had a couple really big exes. I don't care about how large it is tbh, the penetration part is for his pleasure in my case, not mine

  10. what on earth kind of DM is your boyfriend if he hasn't already simply killed your dad's character? sheesh!!

    you are probably going to have to talk with him, head-on. having a ready list of examples as you've presented here can only help. letting him know how those things make you and the other players feel might help.

    a useful strategy might be to ask your father if he's even still enjoying the game, the next time you catch him on his phone during a game, etc. I can say that sort of thing would be frowned upon during any of the games I've ever been a part of, and that goes back to… what, 1990 or so? (holy shit…)

    you may have to let him know that his behaviour makes the other players feel like they are wasting their time, especially if people have to catch him up because he zoned out. that's quite rude, actually– it sucks to plan out a campaign as a DM, only for someone to shit all over your effort.

    at the end of the day, he is indeed your dad but that doesn't mean he's automatically welcome at your table. there's still a general standard of courtesy for your companion players, and he's making zero effort to meet it.

    do remember, though, that your DM can always take advantage of the time-honoured tradition of simply killing off dad's character… i might recommend “pissed-off Drow elves”.

  11. >”I'm happy about because it means there's still a chance for us”.

    That's your answer right there. You know you need to break up with her, so, I think you should do that.

    Good luck, OP.

  12. Forget about her and him and block both of them everywhere, and block anyone who insists on telling you about them. Then forget about her and on-line your best life, and find the one you are meant to have. Counseling may help you work out your emotions. Good luck!

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