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  1. So sorry he’s turned out to be a cad. If the roles had been reversed you would have stood by him, but he’s shown you how superficial he is. Don’t let him lie his way out of it. He meant every word he said- twice. Stand up for yourself however is best for you, but don’t let him get away with it.

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  3. There’s not really any proper timeline for moving on.

    If you were checked out in the last three years of your relationship, then you’ve already had such a long time to mourn the end of what you had with your ex for a whole lot longer than a week.

    On-line for yourself and not how others may perceive you.

    Though, if it were me, I would wait until I wasn’t actively crying over the breakup to pursue anything.

  4. I'm gonna keep it 100 with you but when I was younger I use to date a very anxious / depressed girl as well. I put up with it and supported her a lot, but at a certain point it becomes very emotionally draining. I started to feel more like her therapist than boyfriend at some points and started looking for a way out. This is not to invalidate your feelings or concerns, but just to point out they can have negative emotional consequences on your partner as well, which they might not be ready to deal with especially if they're young. You should seek help however you see fit, but I do think keeping a positive attitude towards life will help you in many regards, including in your relationships. Another alternative is to find a man who shares your depression and anxiety because then they might be able to relate on a deeper level and wont feel drained because of it. Just my 2 cents

  5. You should ask him to cancel the reservation and see what amount of money he can get back. Most hotels will accept cancellations unless they are very last-minute.

    You should point out that he is not paying his share of rent yet, and he would have an option to stay with family for this convention.

    It's important not to let this slide. You are at a stage of training him in adult responsibilities, so each and every time something like this happens, it's a precedent. If you let this slide just to avoid conflict (or because he acts like an ass about it), you'll find him doing it over and over again. Make sure he understands that there are consequences for mutual expenses.

    What you should not do: call him horrible with money; call him immature; complain that he was deceptive with you; etc. The point is not to browbeat him and “win” this battle. The point is to educate him about couple's responsibilties to each other. Good luck!

  6. I want to know if he yells when they have these arguments. Being yelled at makes me panic and I almost hyperventilate. No one yells at me anymore, not at work, but sometimes voices would get raised in arguments in relationships I've been in before and those situations I shut down and have thrown up from it.

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