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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. So we've been texting since he left, he told me he knows he has a problem when it comes to what to say and what not and when not to say anything at all, he said his issue is not apologizing to me, but being wrong, he dislikes it. He is gonna try and work on it by talking less and think before he speaks. Idk somehow I felt like he is punishing me? I let it slide anyway cause I can't afford stress for neither of us.

  2. Confess to him directly, once for all. When he asks why are you telling him, say ‘to find a resolution’. He will reject you, which will hopefully help your brain to move on from its daydreams.

  3. First step: uninstall the social media that's making you anxious and find something else to fill that void. Then work on your self esteem – people who are less insecure about themselves also tend to be less insecure about their relationships. Do things that make you feel positively about yourself without needing approval from anyone else. Doesn't really matter what, but things that make you feel strong, smart, flexible, etc. (both mentally and physically) are all good for you and for your anxieties and insecurities.

    Another thing that can really help is intentionally disrupting your thought patterns – when something upsets you, before you say a single thing to anyone, stop, back up, and evaluate why you're feeling what you're feeling. Is that reasoning sound or are you speaking from your insecurities/fears? Is that something that's absolutely normal for someone else to do or is there actually something to be worried about? If you struggle with that analysis on your own, bringing in other people never hurts. A therapist/counselor would be ideal, but a group of friends, family, or even strangers on the internet can be helpful sounding boards as you work through things. Once you've decided it's something that needs to be addressed, consider how you would want someone to approach you if you'd done whatever they're doing. Choose your words and your tone from that point of view.

    You can stop being toxic, but it takes consistent effort and a willingness to change – it's not magic and it won't happen on its own or overnight, but it's very doable.

  4. I really hate to say it, but if he knew before that she had addiction problems then he possibly should have seen the signs that she'd relapsed.

    Regardless of that though, you need to tell others who she might turn to to protect them. Don't tell the kid as some others have suggested, but make sure their guardians know. If the kid really needs to know then they can figure out the best way to do it, probably with the help of a therapist.

    Speaking of which, it might be a good idea for your husband to see one to help with his emotions around this. I don't know if such a thing exists, but see if there's any kind of addiction counselling for the families of addicts. If there is such a thing, then they'd be best equipped to help him process the guilt he's feeling, and possibly help him see that covering for her helps nobody and that he needs to protect you both as well.

  5. A DA doesn't have to accept a report. If you file a police report, the police have to investigate it either way. So if the police show up at your door, you're probably just gonna willingly give the cat back. So the DA don't even have to get involved.

  6. First, do not spend any money on his house. Second, get your own place. You shouldn’t trust him because he isn’t trustworthy.

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