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  1. I don’t think that’s true tho, in general words affect you, if you know/believe there’s some truth to them. If someone calls me short, it won’t affect me, because I know I’m not short.

    But if it bothers you, just tell her

  2. Same. After reading the message draft I had to go back and double check that this wasn't written by a 14 year old.

  3. That was part of the plan. I spoke w my mom the day before and she said “well since everyone is sick if we do something for your birthday it will probably be us just hanging out, opening presents and watching Wednesday” (the show lol). So that whole hour i was waiting for my family to be ready (bc we do this thing where if we start a show together we all watch it together so it’s not unusual for us)

  4. Hanging out with friends and doing some shit talking, drinking and being myself. Losing myself into gym, uni and work can help distract the mind.

    But most of all, it takes time to lose the feelings and forget about them – even if you initiated the breakup and had the most perfect reasons, your brain will remember good times and bad, a song or a situation will bring back memories – my suggestion is to let them. Eventually it'll happen less or maybe you just learn to breath and move on

  5. Well done on knowing this guy is terrible and abusive on multiple levels. How many bad person clichés could he hit? He must have shot for a world record.

    At least you can recognise multiple red flags and inappropriate behaviour now you have seen it but I am sorry you had to be on the receiving end.

  6. Your friend deserves to know. If you were in her shoes, wouldn't you want to be told the truth?

    Plus, maybe you two can work together to make him sweat a little (I'm thinking well-timed phone calls and “accidentally” running into each other in public) Will he learn anything? Doubtful. Is it petty? Absolutely. But a little taste of just desserts might be fun.

  7. She doesn't love you – because she doesn't really know you – but I'm sure she feels like she does. The bipolar can result in some pretty crazy emotions.

    As to what you should do – it's perfectly okay to withdraw from the relationship, or continue it, but try not to take advantage of her tender feelings. Don't believe her (because she doesn't really know you) and don't feel pressured to feel the same way.

  8. this.

    OP, are you religious? if you stay with him this won't be the last time he puts you down over something that clashes with his religion. if you aren't down to commit to his level of piety it's going to be rough on you.

  9. Ma’am it doesn’t matter if you are sober or not, you are abusive. Many domestic violence occurs when one or both parties are inebriated. You obviously need to stop drinking or he needs to leave you

  10. That really changes my thought process. I'm glad you pointed this out! I'll make sure he knows he can rely on me

  11. It's possible to vent to someone in person if you need in once in a while. Maybe it's not a great sign if it takes up a great deal of your messages lol

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